Pilates may seem like a new phenomenon due to its increasing popularity over the past decade but it has been around since the early 20th century. Taking its name from its creator Joseph Pilates, it was originally developed to help German soldiers recover from injuries sustained during the First World War.

Moving to the USA after the war, Joseph continued developing his technique, focusing on 8 key principles of Pilates.

8 Principles

Centering – This refers to the body’s core or “powerhouse”. It is the main focus of Pilates as this is where all energy for exercise comes from.

Concentration – With a strong mind-body connection you are able to become more focused and mindful of each movement. This allows for you to receive the most value from each exercise and an increase in body awareness.

Control – By focusing on your centre and concentrating on each movement you will gain more control of each movement. Each exercise will be performed in a safe and correct form, allowing you to gain maximum physical value.

Precision – While repetition is good, practise will not make perfect if done incorrectly. Precision is important in Pilates as you will not only gain more, but also perform them in a safe manner.

Breath – Learning how to breathe properly helps increase blood and oxygen circulation.

Flow – This refers to continuous, smooth movement and ease of each transition, which helps build strength and stamina.

Alignment – By maintaining good posture and body awareness, each movement becomes easier.

Integration – The 8 principles refers to uniting all of the above in order to make your muscles work together and support each other. This is how you develop more efficient and functional movement.

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