Professional Pilates Studios
in Canberra

Professional Pilates Studios in Canberra

Pilates Can is a team of trusted, caring, dedicated and fun Pilates professionals; we enable you to achieve fantastic results. Together we have specialised in teaching over 80,000 hours of Pilates in Canberra since 1999. 

Our Values


Because we have built that trust with our clients over 22 years.


Is what we do best, how we think, and why we are trusted


To help our clients build excellent Pilates exercise habits


Continuously improving our clients lives via evidence based best practice clinical and wellness Pilates.


We create physical and social environments that clients look forward to attending.


So you achieve results, improve your mobility to do all the things you want

Who Are Pilates Can?

Our Pilates instructors focus on building connection with our clients to create their ideal Pilates program. We understand that everybody is different, and it takes an individual approach to get the best results.

Lead by our founders, husband and wife David and Claire Gunther, our team of instructors are highly qualified and committed to improving the health of every client.

All studio equipment instructors have a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction. Our senior instructors have over 20,000 hours each in professional Pilates instruction and an Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method. All Pilates Can matwork instructors have a minimum of certificate IV in Pilates Matwork Instruction.

We use all this experience to find the best approach for you.

Allied health professionals, including General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors regularly refer and trust us with their patients.
Allied health professionals, including General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors regularly refer and trust us with their patients.

What Pilates Can
do for you?

Pilates has a long history of helping clients improve their flexibility, posture and strength. The principles of Pilates are breath, concentration control, centre, flow, precision, alignment, and commitment.

Injury Rehabilitation

Pilates has proven rehabilitation benefits, including correct spinal and pelvic alignment, increasing joint movement, regaining movement after injury, increased body awareness and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries.


Pilates can build flexibility, muscle strength and tone,  in a gentle, precise, and balanced way. The Pilates Can studios offers an inclusive environment where clients can come to improve their movement health to feel relaxed and revitalized while taking their body to the next level.

The Pilates Can Model

Since opening our first commercial Pilates studio in 2004, we have become one of the most successful Pilates businesses in Canberra-- and still growing! We now operate in two studios as well as our online services.

Our studio Pilates sessions offered in our Woden and Manuka studios, deliver over 1000 Pilates bookings every month in Canberra. Studio Pilates sessions are perfect for Canberra residents looking to try, or develop, their ‘healing’ or ‘healthy’ Pilates practice. Our studios include a range of Pilates equipment for supervised, group, semi-private and private sessions.

Whether in-studio or online, the Pilates Can model is built on skills, connection and caring. By combining expertise in Pilates practice, with honest, caring and fun relationships, we provide a holistic Pilates experience consistent with the world’s best practice. Our clients keep coming back, week after week and year after year, because they achieve wonderful physical results and genuinely enjoy the whole process. 

Our instructors aim to empower clients to develop greater control of their physical movement and wellbeing, to benefit their life beyond their time in our studio. 

Join in and experience the benefits for yourself!

At Pilates Can, Pilates is a fun and social experience for participants of any level looking to improve their health and well being.

Pilates in Canberra

Cinzia B.

Happy Client

The program is structured to suit my personal needs!

I like the semi-private lessons as the groups are small, there is plenty of room in the studio and the program is structured to suit my personal needs. I am reassured that an instructor is always there to monitor what I do to ensure that I am doing things correctly and in a safe manner. The admin staff have also been helpful particularly during the transition to on-line sessions. My thanks to the Pilates Team for doing such a great job!

Pilates in Canberra

Francez A.

Happy Client

Great instructors, very helpful support staff!

I’d been doing Pilates for several years overseas and when returned to Canberra almost five years ago and started to look for a good studio, Pilates Can was recommended to me. I regarded mat and equipment classes as essential to keeping earlier back pain at bay.

Better core strength, breathing and balance and the ability to work on and fix small aches and pains before they become bigger problems

Close interest in clients and amazing commitment during COVID-19.

Pilates in Canberra

John B.

Happy Client

Outstanding Instructor! I can draw on the experience and knowledge of Claire

I find the individual attention in my own environment of great value and I find the lessons to have helped considerably in maintaining a level of fitness together with remedial action on some particular problems that I have been encountering. The main advantage of the present arrangement is that I can draw on the experience and knowledge of Claire who I find to be an outstanding instructor.

Ready to move?

We offer a huge range of Pilates services at Pilates Can that can improve your health, fitness, and quality of life. Talk to our friendly team to find the perfect Pilates program

to match your individual needs!

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