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The trainers were enthusiastic and encouraging and spoke to me about my goals and how to achieve them.

"The first few sessions were really hard, I felt exhausted, nauseous and embarrassed. Luckily this didn’t last long! They offered support and advice on nutrition as well as the physical aspect of the training sessions. Before I knew it I was losing weight, getting fitter and really looking forward to each session. I’ve been coming to small group training sessions for seven months now, and I feel great. I have lost the winter weight and am fitter than I have been in years. We went skiing in July and I managed to ski hard with the guys every day. The only thing holding me back at times was pure fear, rather than fitness (or lack of it)."




I see Pilates Manuka as my long-term partner in my physical and emotional health.

" I found myself heavy, out of shape and a bit down at heart. They know that body health is linked to emotional wellbeing and that motivation needs to be encouraged, not bullied out of people. They nudged but never nagged. They have been consistent supports when I have been fit, had minor injuries or long-term physical adjustments that needed to be made. I see them as a long-term partner in my physical and emotional health: flexible, reliable, accepting and highly professional. "



Once I had mastered the intricacies of Zoom I was able to make good use of the online classes.

"The online classes allowed me to seek guidance on the types of exercises most useful to my particular needs. I find the individual attention in my own environment of great value and I find the lessons to have helped considerably in maintaining a level of fitness together with remedial action on some particular problems that I have been encountering.Claire is able to structure a program to meet each of our particular needs and then to bring us all together for some generic exercises."

John B.

I feel taller and stronger after each session.

"There’s overall improvement in my wellbeing with a noticeable improvement in flexibility and mobility as well as my strength. Overall it’s fun to attend the PILATES can studios - the team cares and I appreciate their support."

Allison C.


I never felt alone during isolation!

"From the comfort of my home, I never felt alone during practice, despite the isolation. The instructors were incredibly attentive and professional with their guidance online, making it easy to maintain my strength and fitness, despite the current world circumstances. It’s a highlight of my day!"



My classes made me more flexible and strong. 

"The instructors gave me confidence in a careful, informed and friendly style. With appropriate And informed assessment , advice and instruction, I recovered not only my flexibility and strength but also my confidence. And all this in a friendly, relaxed and caring environment."

Helen S.


Great instructors, very helpful support staff. Close interest in clients and amazing commitment during COVID-19.

"I regarded mat and equipment classes as essential to keeping earlier back pain at bay.

Better core strength, breathing, balance and the ability to work on and fix small aches and pains before they become bigger problems."

Frances A.


Love it.

"I do 1 Mat Class and 1 Studio Class a week - I recommend both. Group work is social and one-on-one is specific to my issues. Improvement to long term back issues after only 2 sessions. Has helped me with various different issues over the years, eg. sore shoulders, elbows. Give it a try and stay on track."

Sue A.


It was recommended that I try Pilates and I am so grateful that I did.

"Since starting Pilates my posture and overall strength have improved, my back has become more stable and I am pain free. There is plenty of room in the studio and the program is structured to suit my personal needs. I am reassured that an instructor is always there to monitor what I do to ensure that I am doing things correctly and in a safe manner."

Cinzia B.


PilatesCan enabled me to build a healthy and active relationship with my body again.

" I’ve suffered from a long term injury, which has made it difficult to trust my body at times. With continued practice, I have seen incredible results in strength and alignment, which has enabled me to build a healthy and active relationship with my body again."



The flexibility and variety is fantastic.

" The classes are an integral part of my routine now. This is the first time I have kept up the routine and commitment. The camaraderie really helps. It is great to go to a class where you know everyone’s name and the trainer knows you. All you have to do is get yourself through the door, and they do the rest! "



I’m a big fan of the interactive on-line sessions!

"It’s great to be able to stay connected on-line for my Pilate sessions - it allows me to keep in touch and hear how others are going as well as keeping me motivated.  It’s great to keep up my PILATES routine while practicing social isolation."



The trainers are highly experienced and tailored the exercises to the different stages of pregnancy.

" Pilates has been great to maintain my flexibility and strength throughout the pregnancy. Pilates minimized and relieved the soreness in my hips and back that were a result of the Pregnancy right up until 4 days prior to the birth. The trainers are highly experienced and tailored the exercises to the different stages of pregnancy and my body’s needs keeping me strong and toned while in the last few week ensuring I still maintained the energy and muscle strength required for labor. "



Pilates is not just an exercise class, it is a complete body overhaul.

" It has built my body awareness and core strength and has assisted me to become much better at all other forms of exercise such as running. It allows me to focus on me and I always leave feeling stronger and lighter both physically and mentally.The teachers are relaxed and enthusiastic and I always feel as though they are focusing on my individual needs and pushing me to achieve a little bit more at each session.I am addicted and I can’t imagine my life without Pilates!"



The classes are an integral part of my routine now and I don’t like to miss them.

" The flexibility and variety is fantastic. I’ve met a group of great people and I look forward to seeing them in class. It is great to go to a class where you know everyone’s name and the trainer knows you. In the past I have joined Gyms and then lost interest after a few months. This is the first time I have kept up the routine and commitment. The camaraderie really helps, especially on the days that you may not feel like exercising. Pete is right, all you have to do is get yourself through the door, and they do the rest! "



Pilates for me has definitely become a way of life.

" I’ve become so much more flexible than I was (and that I thought I ever could be!) and am constantly noticing how much more aware I am in general of how my body moves and how to correct it. Your studio is such a friendly, fun and relaxing place to be. A huge thank you to everyone at PilatesCan."



I finally started Pilates again at PilatesCan which was the best decision I could have made.

" I joined Pilates around 2 years ago in an effort to strengthen my core to overcome serious lower back pain. I had previously done Pilates throughout my first and second pregnancies and had found it a fantastic way to maintain my core strength and stability."



PilatesCan offers a valuable partner in health.

" Pilates is ideal because it can be used by people at all stages of life and health. From people recovering from injury, illness or normal life events such as childbirth, Pilates can offer effective and sustained improvements to mobility and core strength. I can see personal benefits through the professional and consistent training offered by Claire and her team."



Pilates Can help you feel good

“It makes me feel really good and it’s to maintain the lack of injuries I have at the moment.”

Pilates Can help you

“I think Pilates is an amazing form of exercise for everyone.”

Pilates Can be fun!

“I gave it a go and I really liked it.

Pilates Can individualise treatment

“It’s something I can do for the
rest of my life.”

Pilates Can help improve health

“It helped me enormously, minor things but doable things on a daily basis.”

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