Pilates Classes

Pilates offers many benefits for your body, including improving your core strength, functional movement, flexibility, posture, fitness, and wellbeing.

Start your Pilates journey today and improve your mobility health.

Private Equipment Pilates

Pilates Can’s Private Pilates Equipment session in Canberra delivers a personalized service in a relaxed welcoming studio environment. Highly qualified and experienced instructors develop tailored Pilates programs to maximize your results via our clinical focus.

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Semi-Private Equipment Pilates

To access Semi-Private sessions you will usually need to complete a couple of "Private Pilates” sessions. This is so we can create a program perfect for you and transition you into the semi-private Pilates equipment sessions successfully.

You will share your instructor with only 3 or 4 other clients, guaranteeing you will get all the focus you need.

Client Workshops

While our instructors work with numerous conditions during semi private sessions, our client workshops focus on specific injuries, conditions, and areas of concern.

Your instructor will guide you through Pilates exercises tailored to your needs and explain why they would cue certain corrections and variations.

Take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions and learn how to make the most out of your usual Pilates sessions. After the workshop, you'll have access to resources on the specific exercises that will help you achieve better results.


Matwork Pilates

Pilates Matwork focuses on core strength and mobility, providing a whole body workout. Using body weight, concentration, and breathing techniques, participants hold and move through strength and flexibility positions.

Matwork Pilates is a great way to jump into Pilates for those in a generally healthy condition.

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Interested in becoming a qualified Pilates instructor?

We have internship and scholarship opportunities available.

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