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So You Can Feel Fantastic
 & Enjoy Your Life Again

So You Can Feel Fantastic & Enjoy Your Life Again

So You Can Feel Fantastic & Enjoy Your Life Again

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Pilates Can have been delivering Pilates in Canberra, Australia for the last 20 years.

Our experienced and cohesive team of highly qualified Pilates Instructors is here to provide the best Pilates Canberra has to offer.

Sessions Per Week on Timetables

Pilates Can have built the largest timetable of Pilates Sessions available in Canberra.

We have over 100 Pilates sessions per week, from 7am through till 8pm on most days.

Only pay for RESULTS
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Our systems are 100% designed to support you to achieve an “Excellent Pilates Exercise Habit”. This will give you the mobility & strength results you need to live your life to the fullest.

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Heal Your Body | Feel Fantastic

Pilates is ideal for specific rehabilitation of injuries and conditions and is the “go to” exercise option for referral from many health professionals

  • Have a more pain free life
  • Build your mobility & do what you want to do
  • Reclaim vitality & energy to enjoy your life again
  • Love the things that you do & do more of them
  • Outplay the kids, the grand kids & your friends

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Clinical Pilates Services

At Pilates Can we also use a systemised approach to completing a circle of care with any allied health professional and medical practitioners aiding in your injury rehabilitation.

Discover our tailored approach and access the best Pilates Canberra has to offer.

Equipment Pilates

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Mat Work Pilates 

The Adventures of Betty

Step into Betty's world through 'The Adventures of Betty' video series.

Witness her transformation, find inspiration, and embrace the benefits of Pilates.

Want to be a Pilates Can Instructor? 

Pilates Can will be hosting another Canberra Pilates 

Equipment Instructor Course starting in 2024.

I love the way Pilates focuses on every muscle and forces me to slow down and pay attention to every exercise. It has built my body awareness and core strength and has assisted me to become much better at all other forms of exercise such as running.  The teachers are relaxed and enthusiastic and I always feel as though they are focusing on my individual needs and pushing me to achieve a little bit more at each session. 


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The trainers were enthusiastic and encouraging and spoke to me about my goals and how to achieve them. They offered support and advice on nutrition as well as the physical aspect of the training sessions. Before I knew it I was losing weight, getting fitter and really looking forward to each session. I’ve been coming to small group training sessions for seven months now, and I feel great.


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They nudged but never nagged. They know that body health is linked to emotional wellbeing and that motivation needs to be encouraged not bullied out of people. They have been consistent supports when I have been fit, had minor injuries or long-term physical adjustments that needed to be made. I see them as a long-term partner in my physical and emotional health: flexible, reliable, accepting and highly professional 


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