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“Pilates Can build excellent Pilates exercise habits, so that our clients can enjoy optimal movement & feel fantastic. This is achieved via the best combination of professional Pilates instructors, administration and Pilates Studio spaces available in Canberra today.

We are a team of highly qualified and experienced Pilates professionals who have conducted more than 60,000 hours of Pilates instruction in Canberra over the last 15 years.

Pilates Can provide a clinical, healing focus and a personalised friendly, encouraging approach, nurturing the most popular and flexible timetable of Pilates sessions in Canberra.”

Claire & David Gunther – Owners Pilates Can

Different Pilates Services For Different Needs

Every prospective Pilates client has different needs. Many clients are referred to us for Rehabilitation Pilates and will be far better off with the more personalised clinical Pilates reformer sessions, starting with a couple of one hour private Pilates sessions.

From there clients can transition to semi-private Pilates equipment sessions with a maximum of only 4 clients per Pilates Instructor. This ratio maximizes both safety and the possibility of achieving successful results. These small group Pilates sessions also take advantage of a positive Pilates group dynamic.

Other new clients will be able to flourish in our Pilates Mat and Pilates Fit sessions designed for already reasonably healthy bodies.  Although these Pilates mat sessions are not rehabilitation Pilates they still have quite a small ratio of clients to Pilates instructor with a maximum of just 10 clients at our Manuka Pilates studio and 8 at our Woden Pilates studio.

The Booking Process

All Pilates sessions are available via appointment only. This process helps you to start your Pilates practice the right way for your personal health situation. And after you start your regular Pilates sessions the Pilates Can booking process also assists with accountability, so that you can successfully build your excellent Pilates Exercise habits.

As you continue your Pilates Journey you will have access to our App and your personal online account, as well as our helpful client centre to make bookings and reschedules quick and easy. You will also have access to both our Pilates studios in Canberra at Manuka and Woden.

How To Book Your First Pilates Session

We can help you decide which type of Pilates session will be best for you to start Pilates. Usually this is best achieved via a quick phone call from one of our senior Pilates instructors. Enter your details in the form below and we will contact you to answer your Pilates questions and assist you with choosing the best way for you to get started with Pilates.

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A career having fun and helping people.
That’s what a professional Pilates Instructor has!

You can start your Pilates career on the same path with us at Pilates Can.
We are currently hosting a Pilates Studio Rehabilitation Instructors course and another will start early in 2020.
We have 3 internships available for the right applicants for that course in 2020.

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