A Pilates Journey

The Adventures of Betty

Experience Betty's transformative Pilates story: challenges overcome and a life renewed.

Latest: S01E05

Season One: Betty Changes Her Life

E1: Betty Has a Problem

Step into Betty's world as she embraces her strength, mobility, and flexibility hurdles, setting the stage for a journey that showcases the remarkable impact of Pilates on her life.

E2: Betty Gets a Wonderful Start

Discover Betty's empowering beginning as she takes her first steps into the world of Pilates, finding confidence and potential in private clinical sessions at Pilates Can in Manuka.

E3: Betty Progresses to Semi-Private Sessions

Betty embraces the next phase of her Pilates journey as she transitions to semi-privates, guided by her dedicated instructor. Betty is on her way to an excellent Pilates exercise habit.

E4: Betty Builds Her Excellent Pilates Exercise Habit

Join Betty's journey as she seamlessly maintains her new Pilates exercise habit. Explore how Betty's commitment to her Pilates routine brings enjoyment and vitality back into her life.

E5: Betty Reaps the Benefits

Betty's progress continues as she experiences the remarkable physical results of her Pilates dedication. Discover how consistent attendance transforms her physical and mental well-being.

Ready to Embrace Your Own Pilates Journey?

Follow in Betty's Footsteps and Sign Up for Personalised Sessions Today!

Ready to Embrace Your Own Pilates Journey?

Follow in Betty's Footsteps and Sign Up for Personalised Sessions Today!

Meet Betty!

Welcome to 'The Adventures of Betty,' an inspiring video series that unveils the remarkable journey of Elizabeth 'Betty' Smith, a woman who has redefined what it means to age gracefully and embrace life with unwavering vitality.

At the age of 53, Betty embarked on a transformative journey through the world of Pilates, a journey that has empowered her to shatter limits, overcome challenges, and reclaim her energy.

In each episode, you'll witness Betty's dedication to Pilates, the transformations she experiences, and the vibrant life she leads. This archive page serves as a hub for all episodes, allowing you to join Betty on her path to optimal movement, pain-free living, and a life fully lived.


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