Semi-Private Pilates Equipment Sessions

Semi privates are personalised, using all the large Pilates equipment as well as small apparatus, including reformer, trapeze table, wunda chair etc. Your highly qualified and experienced Pilates instructors will guide you with a personalised program, that is continually developed and changed to suit your progress.

Start Your Semi-Private Session 
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Pilates Can semi-private sessions focus on improving your personal mobility and reducing your pain. Sharing your instructor with usually just one or two other clients, your personalised program will assist you to increase strength and flexibility, so that you can live your life to the full.

Our instructors address your individual mobility needs directly, with professionally customised Pilates exercises that will assist both healthy or injured bodies. 

The supportive environment and focused attention will progress you to a level of functional mobility that you may not have experienced for years.

Bonus Offer: Most clients decide to progress to Semi-Private sessions once they have completed their initial private sessions. Register for your bonus* semi-private session by purchasing your first private session online now. This offer is only available for a limited time.

Conditions apply – bonus applicable with commitment to minimum 6 semi-private “Pay-as-you Go” payments by new client prior to, or at the time of their second private session.

Getting Started

Try our most popular service, with over 60 sessions on our timetable.
"Semis" give you access to the full repertoire of specialist large Pilates equipment. along with a personalised program and your own highly experienced instructor to guide you during your sessions.

Private Pilates Starter Pack (2 x 1hr)

Joining two (2) x one (1) hour introductory private sessions will have you ready to move onto our Semi-Private sessions. We are so confident you will love our personalised Pilates that we’re offering a Money Back Guarantee!

Purchase one of our Private Pilates Starter Packs (2 x 1hr initial sessions) and receive a refund for your second session if you are not completely satisfied after your first session.

Progress to Semi-Privates

To access Semi-Private sessions, you will usually need to complete initial private sessions. This is so we can create a program perfect for you and transition you into the semi-private Pilates equipment sessions successfully.

Register for your two (2) bonus* semi-private sessions by purchasing your first private session online now. This offer is only available for a limited time.

Semi-Privates Max 4

We keep our Semi-Private sessions small. You will share your personal Pilates instructor with only one, two, or a maximum of three other clients, guaranteeing you will get all the focus you need.

Our highly experienced instructors will work closely with you to guage your level of ability or fitness goals and identify troublesome areas that need to be addressed.

Instructors assist individuals separately, to manage differences and risk factors and keep everyone in the session focussed & moving.

We deliver the highest quality and most cost effective session to get optimal results for you!


Semi-Private Classes/ week


Maximum of 4 Participants


Get 1 bonus semi-privates

WhySemi-Private Sessions?

  • You are new (or returning) to Pilates and would benefit from a couple of initial privates classes before joining our small personalised "semi" group  
  • The variety of specialised large Pilates equipment is different from exercise you have previously experienced. You would like to learn their functions and benefits 
  • You have been encouraged to enjoy Pilates as a part of your recovery from an existing injury or would like to address a specific concern 
  • You value a focused, yet social environment and value extra attention to detail, so you can improve your personal technique
  • You would like to challenge yourself with the guidance of a dedicated instructor keeping track of your improvements
  • You value the personalised changes that can be made to your program to match your personal progress  

"I had surgery on my back and it was recommended that I try Pilates and I am so grateful that I did. I have been attending semi-private lessons for 12 months and my instructor has been amazing. I am reassured that an instructor is always there to monitor what I do to ensure that I am doing things correctly and in a safe manner. Since starting Pilates my posture and overall strength have improved, my back has become more stable and I am pain free."

Cinzia B.



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Are you suffering from post-injury or a chronic condition?

Semi-Private Pilates is perfect for you! We can help you via a personalised Pilates exercise rehabilitation programaimed at helping you to your best possible state of personal mobility and wellbeing. 

Call our team 0419 777 477 or provide your contact details to see which Pilates class option is right for you.  


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