Allied Health Professionals 

Introductory Pilates Program

allied health pilates intro

The Introduction to Pilates

Introductory Program for Allied Health Professionals presented by Pilates Can is aimed at assisting Allied Health businesses in the Canberra and surrounding areas. The aim of this program is to provide Allied Health Professionals with a greater understanding and knowledge of Pilates and create useful practical links between Allied Health and Pilates in Canberra.

Pilates has long been used to improve posture and functional movement, and build strong bodies in order to prevent injury, so is an exercise form that can greatly benefit and complement services currently provided by local Allied Health Businesses.

Note: it is up to each business to decide how many and which of these steps will be of benefit to their business and clientele. It is not necessary to commit to all the steps in this program. However, we do recommend starting with step 1.



Free – Initial briefing within Allied Health professional’s business location. (15-30 mins)

  • Delivered by Principal Pilates Instructors from Pilates Can who have 15,000+ hours professional Pilates delivery
  • Interactive Q&A discovery of specific benefits for business, staff and clients
  • Aimed at Business Owners, Business Partners and Practice Managers
  • Top level overview of opportunities available for business to link in with Pilates in Canberra, including:
    • Cross referral opportunities and practical ways to make them happen
    • Possibilities for delivery of your Allied Health services within the Pilates Can studios to Pilates Can clients
    • Staff professional development opportunities
    • Promotion of the Allied Health Professional’s business USP’s to the Pilates Can instructors and client service staff
      • In service workshops delivered by the Allied Health Professional
      • Allied Health Professionals promotional materials made available in the Pilates Can studios
    • Immediate upgrade to VIP service level (but at standard prices) for clients referred to Pilates by Allied Health business
    • Digital advertising and promotional connections via the Pilates Can web site and custom App
  • 02

    Free – Pilates skills workshops for Allied Health businesses staff

  • Delivered by Principal Pilates Instructors from PilatesCan at the Allied Health business
  • Practical Pilates exercise prescription, delivery, coaching and client follow-up tips
  • Tailored to the time availability and current (Pilates Exercise) knowledge level of the practice
  • Access provided to online and hard copy exercise prescription resources
  • 03

    Free – Access for your staff to observe Pilates Can sessions in action

  • Choose from over 100 sessions (Appointments required)
  • Pilates Mat work (Small groups of clients up to 10) and Pilates Equipment (Private and Semi-Private)
  • Available between our two Pilates Can studios (Manuka & Woden)
  • 04

    Free – Mentoring for your staff and / or business

  • Staff mentoring, if observing Pilates sessions in the Pilates can studios
    • Delivered by Principal Pilates Instructor from Pilates Can with 15,000 + hours professional Pilates delivery
  • Advice around the different options for Pilates Instructor courses and business development processes and tools
    • Delivered by Pilates Can Company Directors, each with 18 years experience in the Pilates Industry
  • 05

    10% discount – to participate in Pilates Can sessions

  • Choose from over 100 sessions  (Appointments required)
  • Pilates Mat work (Small groups of clients up to 10) and Pilates Equipment (Private and Semi-Private)
  • Available to professional and administrative staff within your business
    • Great way to learn more and create strong links with the Pilates Can business and clientele
  • Become skilled with the instruction of the Pilates methods of exercise

    Interested in this FREE Program?

    If you have an interest in this mostly free program please contact directly or use our contact us form below.