Pilates Matwork

Matwork Pilates is a great way to jump into Pilates for those in a generally healthy condition. It is a whole body workout focused on core strength and mobility.

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Enjoy a choice of 15 Mat sessions per week, from beginners to Level 6, available in studio and online. With a max of just 6 in-studio clients per session our Pilates mat sessions are for generally healthy bodies. 

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Beginners Pilates Mat Course

Our 4-week beginner Matwork Pilates course takes you through all the Matwork Pilates basics, so you are ready for regular Matwork practice.

Places in the beginner course are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis

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$ 33 Trial Class

Already experienced with Pilates matwork?

Trial classes are also available to see if we are the right fit for you!

Matwork Pilates at Pilates Can

We keep our Pilates Matwork classes small (maximum of 6 in-studio participants) to deliver more personalised direction for clients based on their differing needs.

Our instructors connect with participants to gage their level of ability, fitness goals or injury/mobility restrictions, to deliver the highest quality session. Instructors can manage these differences and risk factors by queueing individuals separately, and still keep the group moving. This attention to detail means participants get the most out of Mat sessions and can progress their practice quickly.

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Mat classes
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Beginners to
Level 6 progression

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Maximum of 6 in-studio

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Maximum of 8 additional online

Benefits of Mat Pilates

Like any Pilates practice, Matwork Pilates can build core strength, functional movement and fitness.

pilates can benefits of matwork pilates

Benefits of Mat Pilates

Like any Pilates practice, Matwork Pilates can build core strength, functional movement and fitness.

Requires minimal equipment

It requires minimal equipment, making it accessible for beginners and easily accessible for participants looking to practice in our Online studio.

Mat Pilates is versatile

Mat exercises can target the whole body or set areas like the core, legs, glutes and arms.

You can practice Mat Pilates anywhere!

You can take the skills you learn in the studio to practice when you’re home, away on holidays or only have a spare 20 minutes in your day wherever you are.

Easy to Progress

It’s easy to progress exercises in a Mat session so there’s always something more to learn or develop - even for advanced participants!

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