Pilates VS
Clinical Pilates

You might be wondering what separates clinical Pilates from Pilates, and what is the right option for you!

Clinical Pilates uses exercise science based clinical knowledge to create targeted, functional, and individualized Pilates practice

Clinical Pilates is a Specialised Form of Pilates

Participants can expect a high-quality practice and are likely to experience greater benefits due to the targeted and knowledgeable approach.

Each participant is assessed individually so a specific approach can be tailored to suit individual needs, goals, and ailments. At Pilates Can, we also use a systemised approach to completing a circle of care with any allied health professional and medical practitioners aiding in your injury rehabilitation. This is what separates most gym or Pilates options from the quality clinical Pilates at Pilates Can.

Clinical Pilates Instructors use evidence-based methods and
have advanced knowledge and skills.

Benefit from Clinical Pilates

Anyone can improve their movement, strength, and flexibility with Clinical Pilates! 

While most Pilates practice offers health benefits, the addition of clinical evidence and practice is far more effective for the rehabilitation of a specific injuries & ailments

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We see a lot of injuries and ailments at Pilates Can, and see the amazing benefits Clinical Pilates can have in improving and rehabilitating these conditions


Osteoporosis or Osteopenea

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Incorrect postures


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