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Published April 8, 2016

Developed in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, a physical culturalist from Germany, Pilates is a physical method which uses special apparatus to stretch and rebalance muscles in the body. As well as being used to boost strength and flexibility, Pilates is now widely practised as an injury rehabilitation method on a global scale to restore imbalances in injured muscles.

Every day, we use our muscles in a predefined manner – the way we learnt to use them. However, our posture, the way we walk, sit down, and lift things, are all part of a greater picture of muscle imbalance, because so many of us do not do these things correctly by habit.

By evaluating a patient’s state, strength, targets and range of movement, a Pilates personal training approach can be designed to facilitate the injury rehabilitation of your muscles. One-to-one Pilates is an adaptive physical system because it is personally flexible to the patient’s movement goals and tolerances. It is also safe, not requiring unnatural weights which may endanger, and not support, the rehabilitation process.

Injury Rehabilitation Pilates Can

Conventional physical therapy does not allow for the same rehabilitation potential. It operates on set exercises which do not cater to the patient and results in discontinued therapy, one of the worst outcomes of rehabilitation. Pilates teaches you to position your body for maximum results and takes you on a process of physical education, not just routine exercise.

Pilates is about restoring the imbalances created by habitual muscle use or injury. It can be perceived as a viable and effective method of movement re-education and an answer to physical limitation. By adapting a range of movements to suit your threshold and build you up from there, Pilates can unlock rehabilitation by levels.

Pilates is a growing trend offered by a growing base of qualified instructors specialising in injury rehabilitation. That’s where we come in. PilatesCan in Canberra can change your life and educate you in unlocking a new, pain-free world of movement. When assessing what the best exercise option is for you, you need to ensure your instructors have physical therapy experience. There is a big difference between rehabilitation and routine exercise. That’s why our trained instructors are highly qualified and experienced. Our senior instructors have over 15,000 hours each of Professional Pilates delivery, physiotherapists, and will create a one-to-one Pilates plan to ease the transition for you.

Based in Manuka Pilates studios, our Pilates in Canberra course selection envelopes beginner’s courses, one-to-one Pilates equipment sessions, and group classes which will build your confidence in movement. You will only share your instructor with one or two other clients in semi private equipment sessions or only 5-9 clients in the more generic Pilates Matwork, so that you can be assured you’re getting top personalised attention.

In our Injury Rehabilitation Pilates Programs, you will receive top care with specially designed equipment and a qualified instructor to assist you with the process. With time, concentration and dedication to the educational bounties Pilates can offer, you have the potential to become a master of core strength, stamina and flexibility. We share a common philosophy of unlocking your movement goals, and creating a stronger, more flexible you.

About the author 

Claire Gunther is a PAA Principal Level Pilates Instructor with over 20 years and 20k+ hours of professional Pilates delivery experience.


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