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Private Pilates Equipment Sessions

PilatesCan Recommends One-to-one Pilates Equipment Sessions if you:

Want a more personalised service to get the best focus on your body?
Have an Injury or condition and need a more personalised program?
Have been recommended by your health professional to start with Pilates equipment sessions?

Specially designed Pilates equipment combines with precision instruction to restore and strengthen your musculoskeletal balance.

Usually you will only need a couple of Private Pilates sessions to be able to progress on to Semi-Private Equipment sessions.  So we offer the special introductory packs below that include two (2 ) x one (1) hour Private sessions at only $110 per session + a free program if you proceed onto semi-private sessions.

To also qualify for two bonus* semi-private sessions, register below.
*Conditions apply


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Private Pilates Equipment

Starting Pilates

PilatesCan’s Private Pilates Equipment session in Canberra deliver a personalized service in relaxed welcoming studio environments. Highly qualified and experienced instructors develop tailored Pilates programs to maximize your results via our clinical focus.

During your Private sessions, your instructor will assess your body’s posture and movement patterns to develop a personalised program.  As you progress into your semi-private Pilates sessions your instructors will interpret and develop your program to enhance your ability to move effectively with strength and confidence.

Two (2) x one (1) hour initial private sessions, will have you ready to move onto semi-privates.  We will also provide you with a personalised and easy to do set of home based exercises, as well as a written studio based program if progressing to semi-private sessions.   

Click on the button below to get our best offer on a Private Pilates.

Bonus Offer

Most clients decide to progress to Semi-Private sessions once they have completed their initial private sessions.   Register for your two (2) bonus* semi-private sessions by purchasing your first private session online now.  This offer is only available for a limited time.
*Conditions apply – bonus applicable with a minimum purchase of 12 semi-private “Pay-as-you Go” purchase by new client prior to, or at the time of their second private session.

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