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Pilates Can are a trusted team of highly qualified and experienced clinical and wellness Pilates professionals. Together we have specialised in teaching over 80,000 hours of Pilates in Canberra since 1999.

Is Pilates right for 
my injury?

Pilates injury rehabilitation is ideal for managing chronic injuries, or after the severe or acute stage of an injury. It is also great for maintaining muscle strength to prevent re-injury.
Some common injuries we see a lot of in Pilates include:

No two injuries are exactly the same, so we take the same
approach to developing Pilates programs.

No two injuries are exactly the same, so we take the same approach to developing Pilates programs. Depending on the cause, length, severity and re-occurrence of an injury, the injury rehabilitation will vary. Our private and semi-private lessons are a great way for instructors to analyse your injury and provide a tailor-made Pilates program for your recovery.

Pilates Rehabilitation Programs
with Pilates Can

Regularly referred by Physiotherapists, General Practitioners, and other Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professionals regularly refer patients to us as the best course for their injury rehabilitation.

Maintaining healthy movement over our lifetime is challenging with our modern lifestyles. Our lifestyles often include repetitive movement, or worse still, repetitive “lack of movement” that build faulty, unbalanced movement patterns. Pilates can reverse those long-term faulty movement patterns and rehabilitate any injuries they might have caused.

By treating the cause of the injury, not just the injury, Pilates can treat an injury and help you maintain your recovery. Pilates teaches you to position your body for maximum results and takes you on a process of physical education, not just routine exercise

Well-versed at Injury Rehabilitation

All Pilates Can instructors are well-versed at injury rehabilitation, with over 80,000 hours of combined studio experience. We listen to each client and assess the exact nature of their injury and movement pattern before developing a personalized injury rehabilitation program.

You will receive top care

In our Injury Rehabilitation Pilates Programs, you will receive top care with specially designed equipment and a qualified instructor to assist you with the process. With time, concentration and dedication, you can feel real improvements in your strength and range of movement

Maintenance is extremely important, even after an injury may seem to subside. Your initial rehabilitation training will equip you with the skills to maintain your progress and keep that injury away.

Once you are on your way with injury rehabilitation, you can be assured that you will still receive personalized attention in larger Pilates sessions, or in our online studio. Our instructors are trained to accommodate and rehabilitate injuries in all class formats. We share a common philosophy of unlocking your movement goals, and creating a stronger, more flexible you.

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Getting your Pilates Rehabilitation Started
Private Equipment Pilates

The private classes allow the time and focus for the instructor to connect with the participant and understand the details or their injury. Using specialised equipment is also advantageous to target key areas of the body that may be hard to reach otherwise.

Enhance your ability to move effectively with strength and confidence.

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