Whether you are starting on a healing journey, or looking to maintain your current health, Pilates will help. Through its focus on 8 key principles, Pilates has helped thousands of Canberrans like yourself. One of these Key Pilates Principles is Concentration. When Concentration is combined with the other principles, Pilates is a reliable, safe, gentle and precise form of injury rehabilitation for all bodies.

In your Pilates sessions there is a strong focus on developing an awareness of how you move – a connection between the mind and body.  Concentration allows us to centre ourselves (another important principle in Pilates).  Developing awareness of your body through concentration enables your movements to become more precise, allowing your muscles to respond better to the effort required.

Developing your ability to concentrate and the connection between your mind and body may take some practice.  However, it is worth the effort.  As Joseph Pilates said:

“Concentrate on the correct movement each time you exercise, lest you do them improperly and thus lose all vital benefits.”
Joseph Pilates

Concentration assists you to stay safe during your Pilates sessions, by executing each exercise with better technique.

By concentrating in your Pilates sessions, you may be using your brain in a different way to normal, creating new neural pathways which allow you to access your body in different ways.  This has the added benefit of keeping your brain young and healthy! Practicing concentration is a wonderful benefit of a regular Pilates practice.  With a focussed mind, you can work more effectively and efficiently. 

One of the things we love most about Pilates is the mindfulness of this way of moving. The concentration required in your Pilates practice can also give you a mental break from the world outside the studio, helping you leave us feeling revitalised, refreshed and focused.

We may often find concentration difficult to find but Pilates helps focus the mind. Pilates achieves this through its focus on precise, accurate and efficient movement.

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