Throughout the past few months there have been many changes at PilatesCan including our Pilates Beginners Course. 

Originally a 6 week course, you now progress through the foundations of Mat Pilates in 4 weeks.  You will then be ready for the intermediate Pilates Mat exercises offered in our Continuing Matwork sessions.

Why try a Pilates Beginners Course?

Pilates provides fantastic benefits for participants including: increased core strength and flexibility. This  invigorates participants to move freely with less pain and more efficiency.

This makes Pilates beginner courses the ideal environment to introduce people to Pilates and its benefits as you progress through its foundations.

In addition to these benefits a Pilates beginners course will also:

  • Provide positive reinforcement of good exercise habits – particularly if scheduled at the same time on the same day.
  • Build on basic movement patterns and techniques in a safe environment whilst moving towards more difficult and intense exercises over time.
  • Provide a chance to personally experience the benefits of Pilates.
  • Give the instructor a chance to learn about your body and mind connection. This allows for more personal direction and progression over time.

Pilates beginners courses in Canberra are the most cost effective, when delivered properly in a professional Pilates Studio environment, like PilatesCan, by highly experienced and specifically qualified Pilates instructors. Pilates is also a very different and exacting exercise when compared with what is available at many gyms in Canberra.

At PilatesCan Manuka and Woden we introduce you to Pilates in the most beneficial way possible. When you continue your Pilates journey with PilatesCan you can be assured you will be looked after more individually, as instructors will have more time for you personally in the small group environment as the studio’s approach is to encourage all generally healthy Pilates beginners to do a “Beginners Pilates Mat Course”.

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