Pilates is a whole body movement system designed to give you an integrated mind-body workout. Through integration, the 8 Pilates principles come together to support you in safe, enjoyable movement which will in turn improve and maintain your wellbeing.

You will benefit in many ways from integrating the most fundamental principle – breath. Awareness and specific control of your breath will facilitate smooth and precise movements thus enabling you to increase your mobility, strength and endurance. Your body will embrace the healthy movement patterns.

During your Pilates session, your body will be aligned in flowing movement sequences. You will soon also connect your sessions to your everyday life so that you can do the things that you could not do previously. This increased awareness will help you improve routine movements and ease the injuries/conditions that possibly brought you to Pilates. As Joseph Pilates himself said:

"Change happens through movement and movement heals."
Joseph Pilates

It is natural to feel a little in awe at times as you learn new ways of working with your body. Sometimes it is challenging to put all the principles together and this is where your instructor will guide you. The instructor is an extremely valuable resource with regards to integrating all of the Pilates principles to optimise your movement potential.

As with any journey, a good guide makes the road easier, positive and fun. Pilates offers a layered sequence of movement guidelines that form an effective, integrated practice. Pilates instructors use these principles to work with your needs. We come from a variety of backgrounds and many of us have experienced injury and used Pilates to recover. Our internationally accredited instructor training focuses on how to effectively meet your needs and respond in a way that works best for you to help you achieve a healthy, active life.

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