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About Pilates Can Here at Pilates Can (around the corner from Narrabundah), we have been committed to providing the best Pilates services in Canberra for 20 years and counting.

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Focus Areas

Pilates Can boasts a studio neighbouring Narrabundah, that has classes at the forefront of Pilates and exercise science. Backed by contemporary scientific research, Pilates Can stands by the two big H’s; Healthy and Healing.

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Healing Body Pilates

Looking for a more personalised service geared towards your unique condition? This is for you.

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Healthy Body Pilates

Healthy Bodies focuses on improving mobility and optimising the body to get the full enjoyment from life.

How Pilates Can benefit you

If you live in Narrabundah or the neighbouring suburbs, why not start today. Pilates can be described as an aerobic form of exercise. But don’t let that intimidate you, these stretches are not meant to work your muscles to the point of exhaustion! It takes your body through precise ranges of motion whilst maintaining balance and concentration.

Some of the benefits include:

  • improved flexibility, posture and lung capacity
  • increased muscle strength and tone
  • rehabilitation benefits include: correct spinal and pelvic alignment, increase joint movement, increased body awareness and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries

" I love the way Pilates focuses on every muscle and forces me to slow down and pay attention to every exercise. It has built my body awareness and core strength and has assisted me to become much better at all other forms of exercise such as running. Pilates is not just an exercise class, it is a complete body overhaul – it allows me to focus on me and I always leave feeling stronger and lighter both physically and mentally. "


Pilates Client

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