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Focus Areas

Pilates Can boasts a studio neighbouring Barton, that conducts classes at the forefront of Pilates and exercise science. Backed by contemporary scientific research, Pilates Can stands by the two big H’s — Healthy and Healing.

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Healing Body Pilates

Are you in need of a more personalised exercise program geared towards your unique condition? Our Healing Body Pilates aims to help you get back to your best possible state of personal wellbeing.

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Healthy Body Pilates

Do you want to focus on your fitness goals such as improving mobility and optimising how the body functions? Our Healthy Body Pilates is a great way to jump into the practice and get the full enjoyment from life.

How Pilates Can Benefit You

Pilates is a low-impact, aerobic form of exercise that may or may not involve specialised equipment. But don’t let the springs and straps intimidate you! These stretches are designed to give your body both resistance and support. In our studio near Barton, Pilates instructors train you to create a strong foundation of balance, strength, mobility, and flexibility that will help you feel better in your everyday life.

  • Improved flexibility and posture
  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Rehabilitation benefits include correct spinal and pelvic alignment, increase joint movement, increased body awareness and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries.

" I took up Pilates as a way to assist with injury management. There’s overall improvement in my wellbeing with a noticeable improvement in flexibility and mobility as well as my strength. I feel taller and stronger after each session! "

Alison C. 

Pilates Client

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