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Published November 20, 2019

Thursday, 21st November marks an exciting time for Canberra dog parents as PatchPets, the social app for dogs, officially launches in true downward dog style with Pups & Pilates at Yarralumla Gallery and Oaks Brasserie.

PatchPets is stretching out Australia-wide to deliver like-minded dog parents a centralised hub to connect, exchange information and locate dog products and services no matter where they are.

21-year-old PatchPets founder Josh Fritz said they have been overwhelmed with the response during the PatchPets app trial period, and are excited to officially launch an improved experience nationally with a unique park experience for pups and their owners.

“PatchPets is hosting a national Pups & Pilates tour to give pups and their parents an opportunity to connect with other dogs and people in a fun and exciting way!” Mr Fritz said.

pup Pilates Can

“As a dog parent I know the importance of socialising your dog – it can enhance their development, adaptability to different environments and how they adjust to other dogs and people.”

Mr Fritz says PatchPets seeks to increase interaction within the canine community as research indicates 40 percent of dog owners make friends more easily by connecting over their furry friends.

“PatchPets endeavors to positively impact our community by encouraging socialisation via meetups and in-app interaction, with the hope to build a stronger, healthier and safer canine community,” he said.

“Our national Pups & Pilates tour perfectly harnesses the PatchPets mission of embracing innovative ways to enhance the lives of dogs and dog owners.”

With studies suggesting animal sentience is so strong that dogs tend to mimic the moods and emotions of their owners, Pilates Can Co-Director and Principal Pilates Instructor, Claire Gunther says the wonderful benefits of Pilates enjoyed by humans can also benefit their furry friends.

“There is no denying Pilates is great for the mind, body and soul – aside from the physical benefits that speak for themselves, regular Pilates practice can improve focus, boost brainpower and decrease stress,”

“We’ve created a 45-minute workout that is sure to boost endorphins and give dog parents the opportunity to bond with their pup,” Claire said.

Pups & Pilates Canberra is a free 45-min workout at Yarralumla Gallery and Oaks Brasserie, locals will need to bark quickly to secure their spot.

Pups & Pilates Class Details
Date: Thursday, 21 November 2019
Location: Yarralumla Gallery and Oaks Brasserie
Price: FREE!
Class times: 10:00am session – book for the event

Check out the Facebook event page for more details!

About the author 

David has held various positions in sports administration, health promotion and business development in the first half of his career. Later, he and his wife Claire began specialising in Pilates from their Canberra home-based studio, which developed into Pilates Can.


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