Monday 1st June, 3:30pm

Re-Opening Rules of Engagement

For everybody’s health and safety, it is every client’s responsibility to remember to do the following:

  • Bring a large towel – each client must put their own large towel on the surface they are using
  • Wear clean socks at all times.  These do not have to be toe socks. However, we do have a good supply 
  • Socks and Towels left in the studio will be kept in a plastic garbage bag, initially for collection
    However, if items are not collected by the end of each week, the garbage bag will be thrown out.
  • Bring a fresh plastic bag, or other personal bag, to put your shoes and any loose items in
    i.e. No shoes or other loose items are allowed in the pigeon holes, other than in your own plastic bags
  • Loose shoes and any other large items will go out in the corridor
  • Stay away if sick – you can easily arrange and do a make-up session.
  • Use the hand sanitiser in the studio before starting sessions
  • Clients are responsible for cleaning the surface that they have been using
    You will be supplied with spray to clean & paper towels to dry the same surface      
  • If desired, clients can bring their own gloves and/or face masks.
    These items are not compulsory, but are encouraged if it helps you.
  • DO NOT arrive earlier than 2 minutes before your session is due to commence. 
    You may find yourself waiting in the corridor.
  • If purchasing items pay via credit card rather than cash

There will be no exceptions to the conditions of entry described above. 

Non-compliance will mean that you will be unable to participate in the session.

If you cannot participate, due to non-compliance, then your attendance will be marked as a late cancel.

If you are denied entry, because you have forgotten your safety responsibilities, you can arrange to do a make-up session.

Wednesday 27th May, 5:30pm

Pilates Can Re-open Our Pilates Studios Next Week!

Hi PilatesCan Peoples,

Yes, we are only days away from seeing your lovely smiling faces and couch ridden bodies back in our beautiful studios, along with our wonderful instructors & specialised Pilates equipment.

Do not worry, Pilates Can get you all mobile & less creaky again. We will also help your immunity.

The first step is to get your regular session back on the “In Studio” timetable.  Conversely, many clients have also asked us to keep their “Online At Home Pilates” going after the re-opening.  The great news is that we can do both.

We need your feedback on this today, so that you can have the best opportunity to get your choice of session time back on, or to stay on the schedule. 

So please answer this 20 second survey NOW. 

To make our re-opening as safe as possible, we have a special “Pilates Can COVID-Safe Plan”, which includes some increased focus on cleaning, social distancing, and other practical strategies. But we will provide more information on that later.

We also want to give out our love and special thanks to all the people who have made this transition back to the studio a reality.  There are so many who have really made a difference for Pilates Can. We cannot possibly mention everyone.  You know who you are 😊. 

You can best help us right now by filling in this 20 second survey.

Stay well

Warm regards

Claire & David Gunther
Pilates Can

Friday 27th March, 5pm

Wow, what a wonderful transition we are making to our Pilates Can at home live session streaming service”. 

So far you can have: Kirrilly in your garden, Susan in your courtyard, Claire in your bedroom, and Merina on your desktop. You can even have Emma on your lounge. 

These Live Online Streaming sessions are available for you wherever you are.  As long as you are booked in, Pilates Can will send you the session link. We are gradually changing all the sessions on our timetables. This is a big process, and we are very thankful for your patience and support.

Let us know if you need help to book in at and we will get you all set up. 

Then you can have Ralene for breaky, David drop in for morning coffee, Kerrie for lunch & Avalon for afternoon tea.  You can even have Clayton for dinner if you want! 

Pilates Can keep our community moving towards “CoronaExit” so we can all minimise the pain and feel fantastic. 

Tuesday 24th March, 6:30pm

Our Pilates Can studios locations will be temporarily closed from early tomorrow morning Wednesday 25th March 2020, due to the Government shutdown.

So, on to plan B, where we are now offering online live streaming of our Pilates sessions.  Please check out the link to our page with vital information about the how to access those sessions. This page will be updated over time with more useful information as we grow the timetable.

The instructors have had heaps of fun working out how to deliver these high quality live online streaming sessions for our clients. And we all agree that the novelty of using this platform for our Pilates sessions will also deliver many hilarious moments as well as a high standard of clinical Pilates.

These outcomes, along with the maintenance and probable strengthening of our community, will certainly help you as a client, along with our staff and our business, to come through our current challenges in great shape.

We will continue to help our clients move properly, minimise pain and feel fantastic through this difficult time and beyond. We will re-open the studios as soon as we are given the all-clear.

Thank you and keep well,

Claire & David & our Beautiful Team at Pilates Can

Monday 23rd March, 11:15am

Dear Pilates Can Clients

We remain open in our Pilates studios at this time to help you heal your body and feel fantastic during this difficult time and then also over the long term. We have two main strategies at this point. 

The first is to keep studio sessions going with limits on numbers that are well below the government requirements for people in the indoor spaces. We can easily manage social distancing requirements and have further lowered our already low maximum numbers of bookings in sessions.

The following is currently the view of both our industry association Pilates Association of Australasia (PAA) and of our business Pilates Can:

We do not categorise our appointment only services in our highly controlled, clinical environment to be the same as gyms, pubs or clubs. If other personal services such as beauticians, hairdressers and Physios are able to stay open, then we assume at this time, so can Pilates studios.

The second strategy is for the online classes that we will ramp up with more information for you later today.

Please let us know if you have any concerns by emailing our administration directly at:

Thanks and keep well

Claire & David & our Beautiful Team at Pilates Can

Thursday 19th March, 4:30pm

We have been taking more proactive measures to keep the studio clean and safe prior to and now during this escalating situation.

Our objective is to help you and our community stay strong and well in mind and body through this challenging time.

Due to a new demand from a variety of clients we will be trialing in the next few days various online Pilates Can services including Private, Semi & Mat sessions. Please look out for further information regarding these services that will help those clients who need to self-isolate for a time, to stay connected and healthy. Pilates Can instructors met today to test out how we could roll out these services

Our most recent updates remind clients to sanitise their hands before entering the studio and asks all clients to bring a towel with them to each session.

Pilates Can instructors are taking extra care to wipe down all mats and equipment after use. We also appreciate you all continuing your good hygienic habits, such as wearing socks in all sessions.

All the best to all out Pilates Can community, and we wish you and your families the very best of health.

Tuesday 17th March, 4:30pm

Your health and wellbeing continue to be our priority here at Pilates Can. We take the coronavirus situation extremely seriously.

We have been taking proactive measures to keep the studio clean and safe prior to and now during this escalating situation. Our objective is to help you and our community stay strong and well in mind and body through this challenging time.

We are cleaning all equipment with anti-bacterial cloths daily. We encourage you to use the hand sanitiser we’ve made available in the studio and follow the other recommendations we have detailed below in previous updates.

We sent special information to our instructors over two weeks ago and have been taking progressive steps as the situation has warranted. Our instructors are vigilant with personal hygiene and, of course, will not come to the studio if they are unwell.

Please look for further updates to come, that will include further measures as necessary. Meanwhile take care of yourselves. We are here to help keep you well and happy, and we look forward to seeing you in the studio.

Monday 16th March, 6pm

Firstly, a big thanks to all our Pilates Can clients and staff for continuing your excellent Pilates exercise habit over the last few months despite the various recent events. 

So that we can all keep your Pilates practice going for as long as possible, we have the following further advice that will help us all protect your wellbeing during this time.

Top Priority Health Maximisation Habits at the Studio

Wash & Sanitise Hands  

Please use the hand sanitiser provided when entering the studio. Use in similar way to the hand washing videos shown lower down this page. Wash your hands before coming.


Please bring your own personal hand towel and use it (with the same surface down each time) on each studio surface where you lay your head or face.  Ensure you take your towel from your session.

Overseas Travel

We encourage you to follow the advice of the health authorities regarding self-quarantine and testing if you are symptomatic or have travelled overseas recently. As notified by the Australian Government, please ensure you self-isolate for 14 days after arriving back in Australia from overseas.  Once this period has finished, we look forward to seeing you again in our Pilates Can studios.

Feeling Unwell?

If you are unwell prior to your session, please do not attend. Please do cancel online as normal.

If your cancellation is due to being unwell, and it is also a late cancellation, then when you are feeling up to it, please send us a quick email to this address:

Please do not call about your cancellations and reasons.  Cancellation of individual sessions by phone makes these changes more problematic for both Pilates Can clients and staff.

If You are in a High-Risk Category

If you are in a high-risk category you may want to decrease risks by:

  1. taking the extra precautions outlined below, or
  2. by letting us know that you will not be attending for a defined period-of-time. 

If these are a good practice for you, please feel free to wear your own surgical style face mask and or disposable gloves in your Pilates sessions. We would rather you feel comfortable with your health and safety during your attendance, and the extra precaution will be appreciated by all. 

If the second strategy works best for you, please inform us via email to requesting a package extension or a direct debit suspension and ensure that you receive a response. 

Thanks Again

Pilates is a healthy habit that will help your wellbeing and build your immune system to be able to deal with health challenges ahead.

Monday 16th March, 4:30pm

What is the best way to wash or sanitise your hands before your session? Check out these videos from our friends at Bug Control Infection Control Advisory Service.

Tuesday 10th March, 6pm

You may have noticed some new signage around our studios. For the wellbeing of everyone, please remember to bring your socks and use the hand sanitizer provided before beginning your Pilates sessions.