Pilates at Home Live Streamed Mat & Semi-Private Sessions

Self-isolating due to COVID19 and social distancing rules?
Keep up with your semi-private or matwork Pilates from home with our live-streamed interactive Pilates classes.

How do I book?

No special purchases required! Book in via your regular semi-private or matwork Pilates package or direct debit arrangement!

  • Navigate to the Timetables page, select Semis or Mat, then choose the time that works best for you by clicking the Sign-up Now button.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to login to your existing Pilates Can online account, or if you’re a new user, register for a new account.
  • If you do not have a current semi-private or matwork Pilates package, during the process you will be prompted to make a purchase via the online shop.
  • You can always request a recurring booking if preferred.
  • Before each session you will receive an email with the Zoom link directly to your inbox to log in for your class.

Easy as that!

We recommend logging on 10 minutes prior to class time to make sure your audio and video are working well, check what equipment you will need on hand for today’s class and update our instructors on how your body is going.

All classes are streamed LIVE at the scheduled time in AEDT.

How do I use Zoom?

Depending on your preferred platform: Zoom is available on Desktop, Android or iPhone.

You can use the links below to download Zoom for your device.

Downloading Zoom on your phone, tablet and/or laptop

  1. Get ready to beam aboard the “Starship Enterpise” and straight into your Pilates session. There you will see all your friends from the studio, and your favourite instructor – “Beam me up, Kirrilly”!
  2. Get the Zoom app on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You may need to find a quarentine partner, spouse, offspring, grandchild, highly intelligent pet or anyone else who can help you with downloading the app.
  3. If number 2 is not an option, please send a quick email to Tara to organise a “trial zoom” session, so that you can practice with the technology before booking into a real session.
  4. We recommend logging on around 10 minutes prior to class time to make sure your audio and video are working well. We want to be able to see your beautiful faces!

What will I need?

  • Space to stretch out with arms overhead on the floor, and to stand up and turn around with arms out.
    • For balance work being close to a wall can be helpful.
    • Wearing clothing that is a different colour to the background of your exercise space will help your instructor see what is going on more clearly.
    • Use a mat, rug or towel to differentiate yourself from the space.
    • An area that is not backlit makes it easiest for us to see you moving.
  • An internet connection
  • A laptop, tablet or smartphone with a camera.
    • The camera on a laptop has a wider angle lens than a phone. This is a better option if available, as we will get a better view of your body.
    • We’ll be able to see you most clearly if your camera is high up and angled toward you. Any raised surface such as a bed, shelf, desk or table should work. 
  • Download the Zoom app.

These are some items that could come in useful for your online sessions, however they are not a necessity or prerequisite:

small spalding balls zoom pilates
2x Small Spalding Balls
1x Large Spalding Ball (or Black Yamuna Ball)
1x Theraband (your instructor can tell you which strength is appropriate for you)
1x Elastic Band (if you need to do footwork)
1x Pool Noodle (not if you have a low back condition)
1x Set of Franklin Balls (if you have shoulder issues)

These items can be obtained from stores like Kmart, Target or Rebel Sport. 

There are many great substitutions for the usual small equipment you might use during your sessions. Hand weights can be replaced with tins or water bottles, and sliding discs can be replaced with a cloth, paper plates or ziplock bags. Your instructor will have more ideas as well.

We also have limited amounts of Makarlu, Franklin Balls, Mini-rolls and Theraband available. Please email us at [email protected] for more details.