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Published May 22, 2020

Thanks very much Mental Health Foundation Australia, for your recognition of our efforts through your “Certificate of Appreciation”. We were thrilled to receive this and will display it proudly.

We wondered who nominated this for us, and whilst still not knowing who this was, we are further gratified by the knowledge that it could have been one of many in our community.

Thanks again to whoever it was. It has given us a boost.

Thanks for being part of our wonderful community.

Claire & David Gunther – Directors – Pilates Can Pty Ltd.

pilates award
pilates award

It's been so wonderful to keep in touch with so many of our clients during these unusual times and help them to maintain their excellent Pilates exercise habits, and the response from the clients has been incredible to hear. We are thrilled to be able to still help so many people during these uncertain times, and even keep in touch with current or former clients who are interstate and even overseas! You can read some of those testimonials from our online clients on our homepage.

About the author 

David has held various positions in sports administration, health promotion and business development in the first half of his career. Later, he and his wife Claire began specialising in Pilates from their Canberra home-based studio, which developed into Pilates Can.


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