Injuries & Conditions – Pilates Can Help

Pilates For Hip PainAs one of the largest weight bearing joints in the body the hip joint is a wonder of engineering.

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Pilates Can Help Fix Your Hip Pain

Pilates Can Help You (Part 1) With a rise in sedentary lifestyles, spinal pain has become extremely common. It is thought that

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Back Pain?

Throughout their lives most people will suffer some form of neck pain and/or headaches. Just like back pain, headaches and neck injuries

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Pilates Can Ease Your Neck Pain

Shoulder pain can be a potentially serious condition affecting your sleep and daily life, and if left untreated, can move to your neck and

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Pilates Exercises for Shoulder Pain

What is Scoliosis? Scoliosis is a common condition referring to a sideways curve in the spine. It is defined as a curvature of

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Pilates for Scoliosis

What is the problem? Did you know that 60-80% of adults will experience lower back pain during their lifetime? In Australia, it

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Pilates for Lower Back Pain

PHOTO CREDIT: D-EYE PHOTOGRAPHYWhat if you could prevent injury before it happens and stops you doing what you do best? Pilates is widely recognised

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Sports Prehabilitation & Injury Prevention with Pilates

With a rise in sedentary lifestyles, spinal pain of the back and the neck has become extremely common. It is thought that

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Tips to Prevent Neck and Spinal Pain

Back and spinal pain is extremely common in our modern day lifestyle. One in five of all Australians report persistent back pain and

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Pilates and Back (Spinal) Health

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