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Published March 2, 2023

Easy Self-Assessment Test

Claire began the shoulder mobility workshop demonstrating this easy Broomstick Shoulder Mobility self-assessment exercise that acted as a base line for participants to measure their improvements during the workshop.

Participants use a broomstick, without the brush, and Claire helps them to get their shoulder joints moving in a safe range of motion. 

Participants can feel the difference between their two shoulders moving in this plane. They are also able to work with a partner, so that they can see what is happening with someone else’s shoulders and provide feedback to each other about their shoulder mobility.    

You can also use this technique at home. 

Other information that may assist you can be found here.

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About the author 

Claire Gunther is a PAA Principal Level Pilates Instructor with over 20 years and 20k+ hours of professional Pilates delivery experience.


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