A young boy crippled by asthma and rickets leaving his body frail and weak became the man responsible for what we know as Pilates. Born in Germany in the late 19th Century, Joseph Pilates was determined to overcome his physical disadvantages and devoted his life to self-improvement -specifically developing his physical strength. Having moved to England shortly before the First World War, he was detained by British forces owing to his German heritage.

Whilst under detainment, he first started working on the idea of ‘Contrology’ – which would later become better known as Pilates. Using eight core principles, he developed his own body and others in the camp whilst also rehabilitating German soldiers who were injured in the war.

During the 1920’s, Joseph brought Pilates to the USA, opening his own studio, where he continued to develop his exercise technique and coach new instructors to train clients for improved health, fitness and rehabilitation of injuries.

The eight core principles are all based around the idea of muscle control, with the view to reduce pain and increase functionality in the body.

Despite initial scepticism, Pilate’s principles have proven to be an effective means of recuperation for acute or chronic injury for close to a century. This report, published by the Australian Department of Health, further outlines how Pilates provides an actual means of injury rehabilitation.

At PilatesCan, we are continually striving to continue the work that Joseph has begun in exercise rehabilitation. Using the aforementioned core principles, we are committed bringing a high standard to our clients in order maintain the benchmark for Pilates in Canberra.

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