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Creating Great Pilates Exercise Habits

The booking of sessions for specific days and times is an essential part of building a good Pilates habit.  Having regular sessions each week , particularly if they are the same time/day, helps you build a good routine. Additionally you will also have your PilatesCan instructor helping you to create good habits. Knowing there is someone who is interested if you turn up to your session or not, can often be a big positive motivator in encouraging you to attend your session. The more you “show up” the more you build your good habits. This makes it much more likely you will achieve the results you are after.

Standard Service

As part of our “Standard” service level, you will have access to your online account and our admin team. At the beginning of each package or direct debit, they can ensure your sessions are pre-booked for you. This will guarantee your spot in popular session times with popular instructors that you like.  Once booked you then have the freedom to manage your ongoing bookings via your online account. You can access your account through our website on PC or our PilatesCan App. If you have any trouble with your account never fear, our admin team are here! Our admin team are always happy to help ensure you can use your online account as efficiently as possible. We will also assist you to be able to use your online account.

VIP Service

Some clients benefit from more ongoing assistance from our admin team, with the option of being able to book and re-schedule sessions via email, and via over the counter communication, instead of their online account. We are happy to provide this extra service and factor in the extra cost on our admin teams time to the VIP prices for those clients who want/need this extra VIP service.

Economy Service

Some clients are very good at making their bookings regularly each week online and are also flexible with regards to sessions  they can attended week to week. If this is you and you’re happy with the high standard of instructors across our schedule, then perhaps you can take advantage of our “Economy Service Level.”  Our economy level services are set at lower price points to reward you for extra resourcefulness and flexibility. Economy has most of the same features of the standard service, however you will only be able to make bookings 1 month ahead, following the payment of your low weekly direct debit.

Comparison Charts

Compare all features and conditions of our large variety of services and pricing option levels via our comparison charts below:


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