“With these Pilates Post Natal sessions, I am starting to feel like my old self again”

“It’s amazing what a difference this Pilates post-natal class has made.  I am already feeling much stronger, more connected”

Just some of the comments heard from our participants by our wonderful instructor Emma, during our Post-Natal Pilates.

Clients found the course to be of great assistance for waking up their pelvic floors.  They have learnt how to deal with “abdominal separation”, as well as techniques to help with posture when breastfeeding, carrying and lifting baby.

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A former client of PilatesCan, Emma has been an instructor with PilatesCan since 2007, and has a Cert IV (now a diploma) in Pilates Instruction through Pilates International. Through a combination of her knowledge, the Pilates system, and observation of the client movement patterns, Emma is able to see bodies changing for the better.

As someone who benefited greatly from Pilates during pregnancy and in the Post-Natal stage, Emma understands the pressures new Mums are going through and is the perfect instructor for our Post-Natal Pilates classes.

“I love being able to give Mums the opportunity to get moving again, and having babies come along to our classes is extra special … I get my fix of baby cuddles, while the Mums work out. What’s not to love?”

Why join in?

Our Post-Natal Pilates is a wonderful way for new mums to start the process of getting fit again, through restoring muscle strength, focusing on functional movement that matters far more than just appearance to new mums,  These benefits also assist mental well-being.  In addition to all this our classes encourage opportunities for new mums to socialise and make new friends. In fact many of our mothers from the first group are coming back for another round!

This course is also conveniently located at our Woden studio which has a lift so you can bring your strollers up to the studio with you. No need to worry about childcare as you can bring baby with you!

So if you are a new mum or know someone who is and are looking for a way to ease yourself back into exercise why not give our Post-Natal course a try.

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