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Back Pain, Spine & Postural Pilates Workshop

Presented by: Claire Gunther

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Back Pain Pilates Workshop

Presented by Claire Gunther

Saturday 17th February 2024 at 11:30am

Limited Spots - Max 10 Pilates Can clients only for this 60-minute workshop

Get ready to optimise your spinal alignment and posture with the power of Pilates. Discover how Pilates can revolutionise your posture, alleviate discomfort, and enrich your daily life through an immersive Posture & Spine Pilates workshop.

Participate in this interactive session to delve deeper into the world of Pilates and its profound impact on spinal health, mobility, and overall functional movement.

While our instructors expertly navigate various conditions in semi-private sessions, this workshop is curated to specifically address spine and posture concerns with fellow clients from the Pilates Can community striving for similar improvements.

Pose your inquiries and gain comprehensive insights into the rationale behind recommended exercises, accompanied by precise guidance on executing those accurately.

Immerse yourself in hands-on exercises, enabling you to personally experience the transformative effects, all while benefiting from the seasoned perspectives of our skilled instructors.

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