A long term client of ours, (since our early days as a home-based studio) Susan recently joined our ranks as a Pilates Mat instructor. Like most born and bred Canberrans, Susan has a strong love for our cold winters. Though not as much for our hot, dry summers.

Susan also works as a design educator in mental health at a general practice medical centre. Through a combination of this work and the knowledge and experience gained as a client with us has shown Susan how movement can bring happiness and resilience. This makes it a good tool to use with other wellbeing strategies.

Joining our ranks as a Pilates Mat instructor, Susan brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. As a client, Susan knows firsthand how beneficial Pilates can be. It is this, plus a joy in helping people discover they have more capacity than they think, which motivates Susan to share the Pilates wisdom, effectiveness and generosity she has received with others.


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hons)
  • PhD
  • Grad Cert Mental Health
  • Grad Cert TEFL
  • Cert IV Pilates Mat
  • Cert IV Training and Assessment

If you’re interested in starting Pilates under the guidance of Susan why not sign up for one our upcoming beginners courses here.


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