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About PilatesCan:

Here at PilatesCan (around the corner from Lyons), we have been committed to providing the best Pilates services in Canberra for 16 years and counting. With more than 60,000 hours of instruction delivered to the general public surrounding Lyons. At extremely competitive pricing; there is no better place to look for a professional Pilates service that improves flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness.

On top of these great classes is the option to become an instructor yourself. Become a well-versed teacher through our instructor course, proving that those that can do, can also teach!

Between the two studios, up to 1000 bookings happen each month and up to 100 sessions each week. Different classes are offered almost every half an hour between the stores, at as cheap as $22 a session. Clients come in from all areas including Lyons and surrounding suburbs.

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How PilatesCan benefits you:

If you live in Lyons or the neighbouring suburbs, why not start today. Pilates can be described as an aerobic form of exercise. But don’t let that intimidate you, these stretches are not meant to work your muscles to the point of exhaustion! It takes your body through precise ranges of motion whilst maintaining balance and concentration.

Some of the benefits include: improved flexibility, posture and lung capacity. It has also shown to increase muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks (the ‘core muscles’ of your body).

Rehabilitation benefits include: correct spinal and pelvic alignment, increases joint movement, easier introduction to movement after an injury, increased body awareness and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries.

Background of Pilates:

Originally starting in the 1920s, by a physical trainer named Joseph Pilates. A man of many talents and professions, but most notable was his combination of western and eastern philosophies. Studying all these disciplines allowed him enough knowledge to start his own form of exercise and body conditioning. This began as a method of rehabilitation for injured athletes and dancers to return to their professions.

His method included the use of a piece of equipment he called the ‘apparatus’. These days, the pilates reformer is the primary piece of equipment used. The movements were initially inspired by yoga, callisthenics, and ballet. Since then, many advancements have been made and this healing tool has been adapted to people of varying backgrounds in an effort to benefit everyone.

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Why Choose PilatesCan?

PilatesCan boasts a studio neighbouring Lyons, that has classes at the forefront of Pilates and exercise science. Backed by contemporary scientific research, PilatesCan stands by the two big H’s; Healthy and Healing.

Healthy Bodies focuses on improving mobility and optimising the body to get the full enjoyment from life. Matwork is a great entry level class for people with a generally healthy condition, but those more experienced in Pilates should not shy away. There will always be a mat available for you! A typical class involves a number of exercises and stretches. These exercises are performed with strict attention to proper breathing control and abdominal muscle control. A trainer will never be far away, offering direction and guidance to you.

Equipment Pilates offers a service that builds strength and confidence in one’s body. Perfect for those that want some variation from those other studios. The general format of these exercises works with resistance. This can be utilised through weights or even equipment that works against spring-loaded resistance.

Enter Healing bodies, looking for a more personalised service geared towards your unique condition? This is for you. Whilst Pilates is great for those looking to build body confidence and flexibility, or even just have some midweek fun. Pilates is also fantastic for injury rehabilitation; chiropractors and Doctors often recommend it as a Healing tool to get you back to 100%.

Our trainers here can tailor solutions that help you get back to your best state of wellbeing; whilst accommodating your schedule and life commitments. Our studio is right near Lyons, so no excuse to stop in and have a chat!

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