Semi-Private Pilates Equipment sessions give you access to the large Pilates equipment along with a personalised program. This personalised program will have been created for you by your instructor following the completion of your two private sessions (if needed).

In addition to this you will have highly experienced Pilates equipment instructor there to guide and correct you personally.

The instructor will let you know exactly what to do and how to do it with incisive technique corrections. When you are ready they will also progress you to more difficult Pilates exercises.

You will share your instructor with only two or three other clients, guaranteeing you will get all the focus you need.

Getting Started

To access Semi-Private sessions you will usually need to complete a couple of Private Pilates Sessions. This is so we can create a program perfect for you to transition you into the semi-private Pilates equipment sessions successfully.

Bonus Offer

Most clients decide to progress to Semi-Private sessions once they have completed their initial private sessions.   Register for your two (2) bonus* semi-private sessions by purchasing your privates sessions online now.  This offer is only available for a limited time.
*Conditions apply – bonus applicable with a minimum 10 session semi-private package purchase by new client prior to or at the time of their second private session. 


Semi Private Equipment Manuka

Semi Private Equipment Woden

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