is our handy guide to our preferred payment method!
1. Direct Bank Transfer

Our much preferred payment method is Direct Bank Transfer.

  • This saves both parties time and the fees that are associated with the other 2 forms of payment listed below.
  • Once the information is saved in your banking address book it will be even easier for subsequent payments.
  • You can do this at any time and place that suits you.

Please pay to the following Account:
BSB: 012 – 984
Account Number: 4564 – 97596

Account Name: Pilates Can Pty Ltd

Please ensure that you send the receipt of proof of your payment to [email protected] so that your payment can be marked on our system and so you are not asked to pay again.

2.  At the studio or on the phone

If the Direct Bank Transfer method is inconvenient for you please call us on 0457 777 267 or drop in to the Manuka studio during office hours to pay via EFTPOS.  Please note that our admin availability is limited usually to the hours listed below and we may not be able to answer the phone directly. These are also good reasons for using the direct bank transfer method described above.

Office Admin Hours:
Monday: 10am – 6.30pm
Tuesday: 11am – 7pm
Wednesday: 11am – 7pm
Thursday: 10.30am – 7pm
Friday: 9am – 1pm
Saturday: 9am – 12pm

3. The Online Portal account

You can find some instructions for payment using the online portal here.

Please note: Your secure online credit card payment will attract a merchant fee (Visa/Mastercard = 1.87%, Amex = 4.4%)

Any questions? Contact our admin team at [email protected] or fill in the Contact Us form and we can help you.

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