Thank you very much for your inquiry.

Establishing which of our services are ideal for you is usually best achieved via a quick telephone conversation.

So I will call you asap and will also reward you with ***2 free bonus sessions*** if you assist this process by answering or returning my call asap.  My aim is to answer your questions and conclude your inquiry within 24hrs.

The best number to contact me on is 0419 777 477.  Please leave a message if I am on another call so that I can prioritize your call and get back to you asap.  Please also have a good browse through our web site as there is a lot of useful information there for you.

If you are unable to call now, please send a short email to letting me know the best time/s to briefly speak with you on the phone.

I look forward to answering your questions soon!

David Gunther
Director – PilatesCan
M: 0419 777 477

***Conditions Apply*** This bonus is available to new clients who answer or return my call within 24hrs and who eventually purchase any of our standard packages for either Pilates Mat work or Pilates Semi Private Equipment sessions. The Purchase of small “intro” packs, “flash sales” and “beginners” courses do not qualify for the bonus 🙂

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