Thank you for your inquiry regarding Pilates instructor internships for Physiotherapists & Exercise Physiologists.

We can assist two (2) Canberra based physiotherapists with up to $6,000 financial support towards course fees and practical Pilates session participation costs to complete a highly regarded Pilates Instructors course in Pilates Studio Rehabilitation here in Canberra at our Pilates Can studios.

This support would be in return for paid work as a Pilates Instructor within our Pilates Can studios team, at very good hourly rates once the intern is qualified as a Pilates instructor.

Please have a look at this page on our website and the links to the Registered Training Provider Polestar site, as there is a lot of useful information there for you.

I will call you asap for a brief initial discussion.  Please feel free to call me or send me a short email to letting me know the best time/s to briefly speak with you on the phone.

I look forward to answering your questions and finding out if we can assist you to add Pilates instruction to your skill base!

David Gunther
Director – PilatesCan
M: 0419 777 477

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