Vanessa_0Hi my name is Vanessa and I am a old full time mother to three young kids. We moved to Canberra in May 2011 and I spent my first winter keeping warm, eating comfort food, drinking nice wine and denying that I lived here. By the time summer came around I had gained 8kgs and was very unfit. I’d run out of excuses and clothes, it was time to act! I signed up for 6 weeks of Pilates in December, went away for a month, and then booked myself into the 12 week challenge in February.

The first few sessions were really hard, I felt exhausted, nauseous and embarrassed. Luckily this didn’t last long! The trainers were enthusiastic and encouraging and spoke to me about my goals and how to achieve them. They offered support and advice on nutrition as well as the physical aspect of the training sessions. Before I knew it I was losing weight, getting fitter and really looking forward to each session. I’ve been coming to small group training sessions for seven months now, and I feel great. I have lost the winter weight and am fitter than I have been in years. We went skiing in July and I managed to ski hard with the guys every day. The only thing holding me back at times was pure fear, rather than fitness (or lack of it).

The classes are an integral part of my routine now and I don’t like to miss them. I usually come twice a week and am able to pick times that fit into my schedule. I’m also planning to get back into Pilates and give a few Boot Camp classes a go. The flexibility and variety is fantastic. I’ve met a group of great people and I look forward to seeing them in class. It is great to go to a class where you know everyone’s name and the trainer knows you. In the past I have joined Gyms and then lost interest after a few months. This is the first time I have kept up the routine and commitment. The camaraderie really helps, especially on the days that you may not feel like exercising. Pete is right, all you have to do is get yourself through the door, and they do the rest!