testimonial_susan2Hello, my name is Susan and I’ve been with Pilates Manuka for several years. After my last baby was born in 2003, I found myself heavy, out of shape and a bit down at heart. Perhaps you expect me to say that Pilates Manuka got me to lose the 40 kilos I have shed since then. Actually, they did better than that. Claire and her team worked with me before, during and after I lost weight. They nudged but never nagged. They know that body health is linked to emotional wellbeing and that motivation needs to be encouraged not bullied out of people. They have been consistent supports when I have been fit, had minor injuries or long-term physical adjustments that needed to be made. I see them as a long-term partner in my physical and emotional health: flexible, reliable, accepting and highly professional – but, unfortunately, it’s up to me to stay away from the gelato!