rebeccas_babyI began Pilates to flatten my stomach and changed to semi private classes once I found out I was pregnant. Pilates has been great to maintain my flexibility and strength throughout the pregnancy. Pilates minimized and relieved the soreness in my hips and back that were a result of the Pregnancy right up until 4 days prior to the birth. As a direct result I had very minimal splitting of the abdominal muscles which has healed quickly and I maintained a strong pelvic floor throughout. The trainers are highly experienced and tailored the exercises to the different stages of pregnancy and my body’s needs keeping me strong and toned while in the last few week ensuring I still maintained the energy and muscle strength required for labour. I have recommended semi private classes to all my pregnant friends and the new mothers I have met! Thanks to the trainers at fun and fitness Manuka. Ill be back to continue my Pilates postnatal!

If you would like Pilates Manuka to assist you with core strength and flexibility: