amy_small_testimonial_photo3My name is Amy Ellis and I joined Fun and Fitness Pilates around 2 years ago in an effort to strengthen my core to overcome serious lower back pain. I had previously done Pilates throughout my first and second pregnancies and had found it a fantastic way to maintain my core strength and stability. After my second child I began running and seeing a personal trainer in an effort to get back to my pre baby body weight, by my trainer didn’t focus on my core, and as a result I developed terrible sciatica and lower back issues that saw me give up exercise for around 6 months. I finally started Pilates again at Fun and Fitness which was the best decision I could have made. I love the way Pilates focuses on every muscle and forces me to slow down and pay attention to every exercise. It has built my body awareness and core strength and has assisted me to become much better at all other forms of exercise such as running. Pilates is not just an exercise class, it is a complete body overhaul – it allows me to focus on me and I always leave feeling stronger and lighter both physically and mentally. The teachers are relaxed and enthusiastic and I always feel as though they are focusing on my individual needs and pushing me to achieve a little bit more at each session. I am addicted and I can’t imagine my life without Pilates!