pilates exercises for shoulder painShoulder pain can be a potentially serious condition affecting your sleep and daily life, and if left untreated, can move to your neck and back. In this article, you’ll learn how pilates can relieve shoulder pain.

With the right exercises and treatment this pain does not need to be debilitating. Pilates can be incredibly beneficial for those who suffer from shoulder pain as it not only works to balance muscles around the shoulders but to also work the shoulders in different positions to achieve dynamic stability in the muscles needed for full range of movement.

Usually caused by impingement and tendonitis, shoulder pain is common amongst athletes in spots such as swimming, tennis, weights and gym work, especially if they have acquired an injury. However, due to the complexity of the joint system around the shoulders and shoulder blades, impingement can occur spontaneously with no apparent cause.

This is because by focusing on 8 core principles aimed at reducing pain and increasing functionality, Pilates can increase joint support through improved strength in the core muscles of joints. It also improves movement patterns and poor muscles recruitment which is often lost when there is injury or illness.

One of our trainee Pilates instructors, Leanne Wright, has experienced firsthand how Pilates can help with shoulder injuries. A former elite swimmer, Leanne was previously on a Swim Scholarship with the AIS here in Canberra and underwent shoulder surgery last year. Pilates helped with her rehab and recovery post-surgery and has proven effective.

“Late last year I had shoulder surgery for an injury I had acquired while swimming. Pilates has really helped me with my rehab, while I have been training to become an instructor I have been doing 1-2 Pilates sessions each week and have been amazed at the results and how quickly my shoulder has recovered from surgery and become strong again. The last few months I have been getting back into swimming, with absolutely no pain at all and am strong enough again”

Getting Started

At PilatesCan we like to keep our class sizes small so our qualified instructors have the time to focus on your body’s individual needs and advise you on the best Pilates for your condition.

If your condition is more vulnerable we provide private and semi-private sessions, which use specialised Pilates equipment, and allows your instructor to tailor an exercise program specifically for you, which can be varied each session, and will enable you to manage back and neck pain safely and successfully.

To get a start and work towards improving your shoulders you can contact us via our contact form or by calling us on 0419 777 477.

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