Going away?
Suspend and extend your sessions

If you will be away for an extended period, or just too busy right now to catch-up on your Pilates sessions, we are happy to help with a PAYG payment suspension or package expiry date extension.

  • Pay As you Go Clients

  • Package Clients

Pay-as-you-Go clients

Each PAYG payment covers 1 fortnight of Pilates sessions, and those sessions have a default expiry of 1 month from the date of payment.

This means you have a month to easily book your own catch-up session, in your preferred session time for any one-off sessions you might miss. You can also catch up sessions for consecutive weeks you will be away by doubling up on sessions upon your return. Our arrangements are very flexible, to help support your ongoing excellent Pilates exercise habit.

Away for an extended period?

If you will be away for an extended period during your payment arrangement, or several short periods, please email admin@pilatescan.com.au and let us know the dates you will be unable to attend. We will then organise a payment suspension during those dates for you. 

Suspensions are usually limited to 3 per client per annum.

Still have questions?

Contact our admin team at admin@pilatescan.com.au or fill in the Contact Us form,
and we can help you get online.