Following on from Side Lie Single Leg Lifts, we move onto Side Lying Leg Swings.

Lying on your side is a difficult position to stabilise the body and makes this exercise a challenge for the abdominals.  When performing this exercise you must ensure you are keeping the pelvis as still as possible.

This exercise is good for developing good pelvic-lumbar stabilisation, increasing control and flexibility of the hip flexors and strengthening the glutes.

How to do Side Lying Single Leg Swings

  • Start on your side, arm under your head for support. Place your other hand on the floor in front of you.  Your legs can be bent (great start position) or long (increasing the challenge).
  • Draw your tummy in and up; remember you are aiming to minimise pelvic movement.
  • Gently swing the leg back and forth whilst keeping the pelvis stable.
  • Repeat on the other side.

You can do this exercise at home with minimal risk, depending on your body and any injuries you may have.

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