For those who have used Pilates equipment regularly within our 60 or so semi-private sessions that we offer weekly, STEPS offers an environment where you can come to either of our lovely studios and use Pilates equipment at your own pace, following your own personal program with limited supervision and at a fraction of the price of our semi-private sessions.

Our Pilates instructors are present throughout these sessions in a supervisory capacity for safety rather than the more intensive instructional capacity afforded in the semi-privates.  Your highly specific and descriptive programs will include both pictures and written directions to provide you with the guidance you need to supplement the knowledge and experience that you will already have from attending our semi-private equipment sessions.

STEPS will help you make the most of your time using the Pilates equipment at very cost effective rates that will allow you to participate in more sessions per week without breaking your budget.

Starting STEPS

If you think STEPS is for you, please get in touch. STEPS is only offered to clients who are currently attending regular (at least one a week) semi-private sessions on our scheduled. This is to ensure the quality of each clients Pilates experience.

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