Self Taught Equipment Pilates Supervised, or STEPS, is a brand new Pilates service offered by PilatesCan. You can access these sessions from $16.50 per session ***conditions apply.  We are bending over backwards to add value to your Pilates experience.

For those who are using Pilates equipment regularly within our 60 semi-private sessions we offer weekly, STEPS will provide access to either of our lovely studios to use Pilates equipment at your own pace.  You will  pay only a fraction of the price of our semi-private sessions.

Our Pilates instructors are present throughout these sessions in a supervisory capacity for safety rather than the more intensive instructional capacity afforded in the semi-privates.  Your highly specific and descriptive programs will include both pictures and written directions.  These programs will provide you with the guidance needed to supplement the knowledge and experience that you already have from attending our semi-private equipment sessions.

STEPS is a very cost effective way to participate in more than 1 Pilates Equipment sessions per week.

If you think STEPS is for you, please get in touch.  To ensure the quality of your Pilates experience, STEPS will be offered only to clients who are concurrently attending regular (at least once per week) semi-private sessions on our schedule.

For a limited period, as a special introductory offer, all clients on the STEPS Direct Debits shown below will have their STEPS personalised, highly detailed & illustrated programs provided at the special discounted rate of $55.

STEPS – Self Taught Equipment Pilates Supervised Prices

Self Taught Equip Pilates Supervised 1/Wk $44.00 per fortnight = only $22 per session
Self Taught Equip Pilates Supervised 2/Wk $77.00 per fortnight = only $19.25 per session
Self Taught Equip Pilates Supervised 3/Wk $99.00 per fortnight = only $16.50 per session