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Published May 8, 2016

Note: This article is originally from 2016. Of course we have now been operating in the new studio for over 3 years.

However in late 2015 we had only just finalized the design of the new PilatesCan Pilates Studio in Manuka.

And we were excited to show you the improvements that were coming for the new year ahead.

We had been in our former location on Franklin Street for almost 13 years then, and were really looking forward to this new, larger, beautiful and more practical space, at the lawns end of Manuka Arcade above the old chemist (which is now Kids Stuff toy store).

If you would like to fill in this one minute survey we would be interested in your thoughts on the new (and now current) studio design.

About the author 

David has held various positions in sports administration, health promotion and business development in the first half of his career. Later, he and his wife Claire began specialising in Pilates from their Canberra home-based studio, which developed into Pilates Can.


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