pilates core exercisesThe core muscles are pivotal to achieving a stronger body using the Pilates method. Pilates strengthens the core through three basic steps (Segal, Hein & Basford, 2004):

1. Strengthen core muscles through coordinated breathing and movement

Developing and achieving a sound breathing pattern is crucial to the balance and rhythm of movements.

2. Stabilise the scapular, pelvis, and rib cage

These three areas make up the axial skeleton (shoulders to waistline), and by focusing on and manipulating the core muscles, the axial skeleton will be stabilised and strengthened.

3. Optimise head and cervical spine placement

This is crucial so as to avoid any strain on the neck and head muscles.

Activation of the core not only allows for better efficiency and functionality of the body, but can also minimise any back and neck pain, and helps develop and maintain good spinal health. At Pilates Can, the development of the core muscles is important to the overall success of the Pilates method. We find that clients get the most reward of out their sessions once they are able to engage their core muscles, which our instructors will work closely with you to achieve. The increased strength of the core muscles allows for more efficient movement of the extremities. In turn, functional activities that require balance and control are performed safely and more efficiently (Bryan & Hawson, 2003). Every aspect of your life will benefit from a strengthened core, whether it be in sporting endeavours or just general physical and mental health and wellbeing.

To start strengthening your core you can contact us via our online quick contact  form or by calling us on 0419 777 477. We have helped hundreds of clients in Canberra over the last 15 years activate and strengthen their core and we look forward to helping you do the same!

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