Using Pilates to Ease Your Neck Pain

Neck Pilates Workshop

Presented by: Claire Gunther

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Neck Pilates Workshop

Presented by Claire Gunther

Next Date TBA March 2024

Limited Spots - Max 10 Pilates Can clients only for this 60-minute workshop

Embark on a journey to alleviate neck pain and regain mobility with the holistic approach of Pilates. Explore the profound potential of Pilates to alleviate neck discomfort, increase flexibility, and elevate your quality of life in our immersive workshop.

Participate in this engaging session to delve deeper into the world of Pilates and its remarkable impact on neck pain relief, enhancing mobility, and overall functionality.

While our instructors adeptly manage diverse conditions in semi-private sessions, this workshop is thoughtfully designed to address neck-related issues among a community of individuals sharing similar challenges.

Inquire and receive insightful explanations behind the recommended exercises, accompanied by precise instructions on proper execution.

Immerse yourself in experiential exercises, allowing you to feel the transformative effects firsthand, while drawing from the expertise of our seasoned instructors.

Pilates Exercises for Shoulders from our most recent Shoulder Pilates Workshop

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Maximum of 8 clients only for this special workshop, so book in now on the schedule using one of your semi-private sessions...

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