$33 Mat Pilates Trial Session

Pilates Can offer a trial mat session, so you can coma and try out our Matwork sessions.
Our format is designed to equip you with foundational Pilates skills, ready for you to develop your practice to meet your health goals.

Already an experienced Pilates person?

Get started in ongoing Matwork Pilates with a trial Mat session.

Pilates provides fantastic benefits for participants including: a whole body workout, focusing on core strength and more functional movement. This invigorates participant's ability to move freely, i.e. with less pain and more efficiency. We are made to move and we should enjoy it.

We keep our Pilates Matwork classes small (maximum of 6 participants in-studio) to help you achieve those benefits. This way the Pilates instructor can deliver more personalised direction for clients based on their differing needs.

pilates beginners course

Use the Trial Session to access our Timetable

You can use your trial session in any of the sessions on this weekly Pilates Mat Timetable.

* Terms and Conditions - This offer is only valid for a first time and non injured client.

New to Pilates?

Healthy, non-injured first-time participants can now get the best start by signing up to our 4-week Pilates Matwork course 

Our certified professional instructors will take you through all the Matwork Pilates basics, so you are ready for regular Matwork practice. Getting started is easy with around 15 Pilates Matwork sessions offered each week. Ranging from beginners up to Level 6, you will always be working at a level appropriate to your Pilates experience. 

Places in the beginner course are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Start your trial! 

We offer a huge range of Pilates services at Pilates Can that can improve your health and quality of life. Talk to our friendly team to find the perfect Pilates program to match your individual needs!

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