Pilates is quickly becoming a popular form of exercise for injury rehabilitation. Many allied health professionals use Pilates as a “go to” exercise regimen of choice for clients recovering from injuries. They may have “in-house” services or refer to a Pilates-specific provider. Thus, there are considerable advantages to for allied health professionals and students in understanding the Pilates method.

Pilates Can Manuka and Woden is excited to now be offering internship and scholarship opportunities in Canberra for University students studying Exercise Science/Physiology, Sports Science, or Physiotherapy.

For students looking to gain experience in an industry which complements their degree, we offer internship, work experience and fully paid positions.

You will be able to combine your study with real hands on work experience within the health and fitness industry. We also host regular Professional Pilates Instructor courses, which offer plenty of opportunities for further professional development.

What it involves

The upcoming Polestar Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation Method course, commencing on 12/13 May 2018 at the Pilates Can Woden studios, will consist of monthly modules throughout the rest of 2018, supported by student study groups and plenty of opportunity to assist with real clients in the many private, semi-private and mat group sessions held each week at the two Pilates Can studios.

Pilates Can is offering a scholarship opportunity for this course to a suitable candidate keen to qualify as a Pilates Instructor. This Scholarship will cover part of the cost of the upcoming course. Additionally, the successful candidate will be given valuable opportunities to implement the skills acquired. This will initially be in an internship with Pilates Can before progressing to paid professional work once qualified as a Pilates instructor.


Applications for the scholarship are open to all students who:

  • Have started, or recently finished their Exercise Science /Physiology, Sports Science, or Physiotherapy qualifications
  • Based in Canberra
  • Eager to gain industry experience whilst continuing their studies, or in combination with another job.

If you’re interested in these opportunities contact Pilates Can here.

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