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Published May 23, 2016

Dancing and Pilates have long gone hand in hand. When Joseph Pilates first took his method to New York, some of his first clients were dancers.

Today, Pilates is a core part of many a dancers training, with Darcey BussellMarc Cassidy, and the Australian Ballet Company incorporating it into their daily routine.

Pilates helps keep dancers in peak form to avoid injury and is often incorporated into their rehabilitation when injury does occur. As a dancer’s livelihood depends on peak physical fitness an injury (even a minor one) can potentially be disastrous.

Pilates is a whole body workout that is also gentle on the joints. Through focusing on strengthening the deep support and balancing muscles around the joints, Pilates can help dancers recover from. and avoid the re-occurrence of injuries.

Pilates helps to increase awareness of a participant’s core. Core stability is vitally important, for both dancers, and non dancers as a strong core is the foundation of movement. Strong core muscles allow for more efficient, functional movement. Movements requiring balance and control (such as dance) are performed more safely by a Pilates trained individual.

If you dance, either professionally or recreationally, and are in need of injury rehabilitation or just want to improve your technique, we can help. At PilatesCan, we offer both mat classes and small group semi-private classes. Dancers in Canberra often find our generalised mat classes helpful if they are looking to strengthen their core muscles and increase their stability. However those who are after (or need) a more focused approach, find that our semi-private Pilates sessions are ideal as our instructors can provide more individual attention and tailor a program specifically for you.

To get a start contact us now at PilatesCan!

About the author 

Claire Gunther is a PAA Principal Level Pilates Instructor with over 20 years and 20k+ hours of professional Pilates delivery experience.


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