Pilates Beginners – Secret Training: Week 3

Please find a link to the week 1 homework here.

Bridging — (Pelvic Curl) x 6

Pilates Can Pelvic Curl Pilates
Pelvic Curl Pilates Can
  • Lie face up, knees bent, feet flat on floor, arms by sides.
  • Exhale sink navel, pull pubic bone higher than navel.
  • Peel spine off floor (curling one vertebrae at a time).
  • Inhale stay lifted.
  • Exhale articulate spine back down to mat

Chest Lift #2 x 6

  • Exhale zip up pelvic floor, slide ribs down to hips to curl head and upper back away from the mat.
  • Inhale hold.
  • Exhale sip pelvic floor, return upper body to mat.
  • Keep tailbone weighted and front of hips relaxed throughout.

Dead Bug (Leg Lift) x 6 each leg

  • Lie on floor, arms by side, knees bent, feet on the floor.
  • Exhale activate abdominals, float one knee above hip.
  • Inhale hold.
  • Exhale to lower foot back to floor.
  • Make sure knee stays at same angle as leg moves.
  • Maintain heavy back and stable pelvis throughout.

Hula x 4 each side

  • From your chest lift position, exhale to rotate one rib towards the opposite hip
  • Inhale return to chest lift
  • Imagine drawing a rainbow with your ribs towards the hip bone over the top of your navel.
  • Keep the pelvis stable, and the front of the hips heavy and soft throughout.

Femur Arcs – (in chest lift position) x 6

  • Exhale sink navel and float one knee above hip.
  • Relax your foot to your bottom as you lift the leg.
  • Inhale hold
  • Exhale float other leg up.
  • Inhale hold this position.
  • Exhale to lower the first foot back to the floor
  • Inhale hold
  • Exhale return second foot to mat.
  • Keep back relaxed and head heavy in your hands throughout.

Side to side — (Supine Spine Twist) x 5 each side

side to side
  • Inhale to roll pelvis onto one hip, allow knees and feet to follow.
  • Exhale to return to centre.
  • Keep knees and ankles glued together throughout.
  • Shoulder blades stay relaxed on the mat for the whole exercise.

Side lie bent leg swing x 7 each leg

Side lie bent Pilates Can
  • Lie on side with knees bent
  • Lift top leg in line with hip
  • Let it feel really really heavy in this position
  • Inhale swing leg forward
  • Exhale to take it back as far as you can
  • Keep pelvis still and thigh heavy throughout

Side Kick x 1 set of each per leg

  1. Front to back: 
    • Inhale bring top leg forward, foot flexed
    • Exhale take the leg behind the body, pointing the foot.
  2. Up and down:
    • Inhale lift the top leg toward ceiling
    • Exhale to draw the leg back down.
  3. Passe/develope: 
    • Top leg in turnout, inhale flex knee, sliding toe up against inner thigh.
    • Exhale extend leg out and up then draw it down to start position.

Rest between sets.

Basic Back Extension #1 x 5

  • Inhale to gently lift abs off floor, sliding scapula down back, lengthen head then chest and shoulders away from floor
  • Exhale to return to mat
  • Low back stays relaxed throughout
  • Gently pull the ribs in towards your spine as you come up into your extension.

Dart x 1 set of 4-6 repetitions

  • Inhale lengthen crown of head away from shoulders.
  • Exhale articulate into thoracic extension.
  • Inhale, get a little more thoracic extension.
  • Exhale to lengthen spine and articulate back down to the mat.
  • Keep lower ribs on the mat, and abs lifted in and up throughout.
  • Optional: add arm pumps when in extension position (think upside down The Hundred)

Prone single leg reach – (straight leg) x 8 each leg

Pilates Can Prone Single Leg Lift
Pilates Can Prone Single Leg Lift
  • Lay face down, tailbone reaching long
  • Exhale to reach and lift one leg off floor
  • Inhale to lower the leg.
  • Alternate legs.
  • Keep pelvis still
  • You should feel the base of glutes and back of thighs working
  • Move from the thighbone

Seated Spine Stretch x 1 set of 4-6 repetitions

  • Sitting tall imagine your back against a wall.
  • Exhale to peel your spine away from the wall, as if rounding forward over a big ball.
  • Ensure abs keep your low back connected to “the wall”
  • Inhale restack the spine from bottom to top.
  • Reach out through the heels to increase the stretch.
  • Maintain arms parallel to floor throughout.
  • Ensure shoulders don’t lift up to ears..

Seated Spine Twist x 4 each side

  • Seated with legs long in front of you, genie arms, spine long
  • Inhale to grow taller
  • Exhale rotate body to the right, moving from the ribs, keeping hips facing forward
  • Inhale return to centre growing taller as you do.
  • Exhale rotate the body to the left.
  • Keep shoulders relaxed and heavy throughout.
  • Imagine your hips are stuck in concrete – the twist comes from your mid back.

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