Start with Bridges and then Chest Lifts, as per Secret Training: Week 1

Femur Arcs (in Chest lift position) x 6

Start by lying on your back, with your knees bent and your arms behind your head in a chest lifted position maintaining your neutral spine.  Inhale, then exhale sink your navel and float one leg up. Relax your foot to your butt as you lift your leg.

Inhale. Exhale to float the other leg up.  Inhale to hold your position and then exhale to lower one leg back down. Inhale.  Exhale to lower the other leg back down. Keep your back as relaxed as you can the whole time.

Side to side x 5 each side

Lying on your back with your legs in the air, knees bent at a right angle and your arms out to the sides with the palms facing the floor. Knees and ankles are ‘glued together’ for the whole exercise.

Inhale to gently roll the pelvis onto the right hip so the left hip comes slightly off the mat then your knees and feet follow. Exhale to roll the pelvis and legs back to your start position (centre). The shoulder blades remain on the mat for the entire exercise. Repeat to the other side.

 Single Leg Stretch x 10 (5 each leg)

Lying supine (on your back), head down and both knees bent and in the air above your hips.  Exhale as you “Chest lift” up. Inhale as you place your left hand on your left ankle, your right hand on your left knee. Exhale, reach your right leg away from you and straighten, keeping it level with your bent leg. Press your left leg into your hands as your extend the other leg. Inhale swap legs then exhale as you reach your right leg away (chest still lifted). Then exhale as you repeat to the other side. Maintain a still pelvis the whole time.

Criss Cross x 10 (5 each leg)

Lying supine (on your back) with both knees bent and in the air above your hips.  Place your hands behind your head, elbows in your side vision and shoulders down away from your ears.  Then bring your upper body into a lifted position (ie chest lift). Exhale and straighten the right leg in the air and rotate the upper body towards the side of the bent knee (think of taking the ribs towards the opposite hip – your upper body follows this movement without any extra shoulder or elbow movement).

Inhale and return the knee and upper body to their original position (ie a chest lift).  Exhale as you repeat to the other side. Maintaining a still pelvis the whole time.

Seated Spine Twist x 4 each side

Sit upright with the legs extended forward, (or knees slightly bent if needed) and the arms in a ‘genie position’ (see picture). Let your elbows take the weight of your shoulders so they relax. Inhale and grow up tall through the crown of the head.

Exhale to rotate the upper body to the right – think of taking your nipples to the side, keeping the hips facing forward.  Inhale to return to the centre.  Repeat this to the other side.

Basic Back Extension One  x 5

Lying on your stomach, with the tailbone gently lengthening towards your heels.  Inhale and draw your navel in towards the spine- slide the shoulder blades down the sides of your body at the same time you lift your head, neck and chest off the floor without a tightening in the low back.  Exhale to lower the body back to the floor.

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